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Today: You will be poorly motivated. You will attack whatever comes your way more out of habit than conviction. Unaccomplised promises.

Love: You tend to take over your partner body and soul, you put the world at their feet, but you don’t get the same in return.

Wealth: Don’t burn out stages if you have an important business on your hands. Better to err on the side of obsessiveness than to leave details to chance.

Welfare: Take your time to explore the territory, do not act blindly, as you are likely to get lost before you start walking.

Today: People in authority will oppose you. Don’t give in, but don’t hurt the other person either. You will be forced to curb your impulses.

Love: Secret loves or loves that remain hidden. Be cautious and preserve your privacy. Envy and jealousy of others towards you.

Wealth: The most important thing is the practical vision for positive action. Your projects begin to gain momentum and will bring benefits.

Welfare: If you have run out of words, it will be time to move on to actions. There are people who are waiting for a demonstration from you.

GEMINI (from 05/22 to 06/21)

Today: You feel two very strong commitments that pull you from one side to the other and you want to look good with both. You must choose one of them.

Love: Everything is possible, including saying I love you in the most difficult moments. Try to be more open, don’t try to control everything.

Wealth: You will feel that you are advancing at a snail’s pace in your obligations and projects. The important thing is to reach and maintain a rhythm.

Welfare: Do not ignore that you have the possibility of social and professional fulfillment. Don’t dismiss it just because you are afraid of facing the consequences.

CANCER (from 06/22 to 07/23)

Today: Mental quality is the raw material of the services you provide or sell, your words are the result of your thoughts.

Love: Optimal for love contacts. You will become a speculator, you will bet without fear of winning in the conquests you propose.

Wealth: Take advantage of your business skills to develop tasks that add dividends. Meet with collaborators.

Welfare: Do not allow your environment to condition your abilities just because they are different from those that society interprets as normal.

Today: The stars are on your side. Harmony in the family and good with friends. An old dream comes true. Good omens.

Love: Here and now is not the best time to know what to do with your partner. Crises will be overcome with sincere words.

Wealth: Use your intuition and observation skills, you will discover a secret plot of favors and pending accounts in your work.

Welfare: If you are efficient, but too emotional, you should have more control in your activities, a setback can bring you serious problems.

VIRGO (from 08/24 to 09/23)

Today: You will be communicative and attentive to luck. Love eludes you. Wait your turn in the distribution of destiny.

Love: If you are in crisis, you must resolve it quickly and at the lowest possible cost. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and act maturely.

Wealth: Conciliate is the watchword. If the environment seems hostile, be patient. You will save the month with an unexpected commercial success.

Welfare: You complain about the situation you live in without thinking that you are responsible for not making changes to improve your quality of life.

LIBRA (from 09/24 to 10/23)

Today: Take practical steps to repair previous mistakes. Good news about a health exam.

Love: If you are not in a relationship you will have fiery love encounters, but if they want to suffocate you they could do it calmly.

Wealth: You will solve your problems, you will be free of economic restrictions that have distressed your life, peace of mind and activities.

Welfare: You must recover energy, reinforce weak points in the couple, correct mistakes or adopt economic measures that make you set back.

SCORPIO (from 10/24 to 11/22)

Today: You must learn to recognize your faults and then do something positive to change them. Be careful with selfishness.

Love: Romantic relationships are not always what we expect, so you will have to make an effort and do more of your part.

Wealth: You will pay the cost for taking reckless actions. You will be tempted to throw in the towel. Act positively and focus on what you do.

Welfare: Try not to get serious or fall into sadness. Things can be resolved better if you look at them in a more optimistic way.

SAGITTARIUS (from 11/23 to 12/22)

Today: Others will not be willing to cooperate with you. You will have to control your strong personality if you want things to go better.

Love: Little by little you will recover the intense love for your partner in a natural way. Take strong care of what you have.

Wealth: Try not to postpone the commitments scheduled for today, even if you have to work a double shift. Future delays await you.

Welfare: Even though you always have an issue that worries you on your mind, it is important that you try to be happy every minute.

CAPRICORN (from 12/23 to 01/20)

Today: You will feel that others are getting into your space, you need to escape and spend some time alone with someone close to you.

Love: Your power of seduction will constantly be strengthened. Sunny days and nights of great passion. Erotic and seduction games.

Wealth: Long-term plans will start to pay dividends if you continue to heed the good advice of your friends.

Welfare: Don’t underestimate yourself, your self-confidence should increase. There are people who have a higher opinion of you than you think.

AQUARIUS (from 01/21 to 02/19)

Today: Stormy forecast. Something nervous, stressed and with very hasty decisions. Don’t forget that you are not alone.

Love: You will be aware of who you love like never before. You will be amazed at how little you will care about sacrificing your precious freedom.

Wealth: Act with caution, discarding risky proposals that jeopardize your position no matter how tempting they may be.

Welfare: Instinct never lies. If you notice something strange about your environment, pay attention. Negativity in the environment can harm you.

PISCES (from 02/20 to 03/20)

Today: Soon the emotions settle. You will win a personal battle. It will be a sweet victory that will give you greater freedom as a couple.

Love: The secret is to gain space without losing intimacy. You will get your partner to accept differences without drama.

Wealth: The pressure will be a lot. You will get a good result as long as you don’t get too demanding. Unquestionable leadership.

Welfare: If a conflict of interest arises with partners or co-workers, take a safe distance. Be rational, today more than ever.

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