They bring to trial a case for “extortion and coercion” against leaders of the Front of Organizations in Struggle (FOL) in Roca

Finally the four leaders of the Front of Organizations in Fight (FOL) will go to trial in the case for “extortion and coercion” after the complaint filed in 2020 by a group of women who were part of that organization. Is about Nancy Ester Cofré, Alan David Rocha Varsanyi, Lidia Beatriz Núñez and Melani Luzmila Cisterna who at that time were part of the leadership of that group which had strong roots in different neighborhoods but especially in the western area of ​​Roca.

After the investigation and at the time of issuing the prosecution by Judge Hugo Greca, the Public Prosecutor’s Office reported that the four defendants began to perform functions in the FOL in 2017. and during that period they “summoned and recruited” an undetermined number of people, mostly women with children, under the promise of granting them a benefit of social assistance from the State.

«…systematically, they demanded monthly sums of money that varied according to each situation, for example, if they received a social plan they had to pay between $200 and $250, and if they received merchandise they had to pay $10«, it was indicated from the prosecutor’s office.

In the case of receiving machinery They remained under the orbit of the organization without the possibility of use and, simultaneously, they required all members incorporated into the FOL that, in return for the benefits received or as a condition for granting them aid or subsidy, who had to attend and participate in different and different acts, mostly of a criminal nature, such as obstructing traffic through pickets or occupying buildings of the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation or Ministry of Labor of the Nation, all under the threat of suspending operations. social aid they were receiving.

«Taking advantage of the vulnerability of the victims due to their state of need due to their socio-economic situation, and under the guise of a social organization. that they said linked to the National State
or, as an intermediary link for the State, they collected the personal documentation of their victims (DNI, CUIL certificate, etc.) to carry out the corresponding procedures to obtain social plans from state agencies, always maintaining scarce or limited information on the beneficiaries. », they explained from the prosecution.

They also detailed that once assistance plans were assigned to those people, that
circumstance was taken advantage of by the accused to demand a percentage of the money
received for their own benefit or the operation of the organization, and they forced them to commit crimes against state agencies, all under the repeated threat of suspending the social plans and/or benefits they were receiving,” said the prosecutor.

In the indictment issued by Judge Greca, it was indicated that “it was in that area in which The accused people took advantage of this situation of power (mediators of the benefits of the social policy of the Nation at that time) by demanding and appropriating the work tools, money and food provided by the Ministry of Social Development (Nation).also requiring political participation behaviors,” highlighted the magistrate.

At the end of January of this year, the Federal Chamber of Rock confirmed the prosecution against the four FOL leaders for the crimes of “coercion and extortion» and after a series of requests made by the defense of the accused, the magistrate decided to elevate the case to the Federal Oral Court (TOF) which must now define the trial date.

The instruction phase closed

In this way, Greca closed the investigation stage after rejecting a request from the defense of the accused to prevent the transfer to trial and decree the dismissal of the people involved in the process.

The fact is that the defense had raised its grounds regarding “to the state of defenselessness and the right to have an effective technical defense” of the four members of the FOL to which Greca responded that the analysis of the records that appear in the case “does not reveal the existence of a state of defenselessness, but rather, as indicated by the Fiscal Agent, a defense strategy different from the one currently chosen by the Official Public Defender’s Office.

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