Complaints towards Logroño Deporte and the “useless and ruinous megaprojects”

Saturday, May 25, 2024, 08:17

| Updated 09:11h.

Of today’s calls to the Reader’s Telephone, two refer to Logroño Deporte. Although the complaints are for different reasons, one for the prices and another for the quality of the swimming courses. Work, politics and the hymn to Logroño are the other topics they address on this occasion.

  1. “Abusive” price in Logroño Sport

The section begins with a reader recounting a collective complaint. “We are a group of Logroño Deporte subscribers and we want to file a complaint about the abusive price of the activities that they have charged in the month of June in proportion to what they charge us throughout the year,” he says, adding: “It seems to us that “They are quite expensive and there are very few activities.”

  1. “For those political geniuses and gurus”

“Dedicated to those political geniuses and gurus,” the next reader prefaces. «It irritates me that they waste a pasture that belongs to all Riojans and that has been earned with sweat and tears in useless and ruinous megaprojects. I start with the Agoncillo airport, where I expected a utilization of 90% and they have stayed at 5.5%. A failure”. In his opinion, “it is a useless, intolerable, unaffordable expense that we Riojans have to endure day after day paying taxes. A fortune thrown into the Ebro or into the pockets of some and we don’t wake up. «We are surrounded by politicians with no vision of the present or future and who are little by little taking our community away from the leading car. “They are incapable of seeing reality,” he adds before moving on to another communication infrastructure. “So as not to forget the 70 million of all Rioja residents, whether or not we go on the AP-68 or whether we use the toll or not and whether we have the Vía-T or not, punished to pay for one of the most expensive highways in Europe,” he ends up indignant.

  1. «Disappointment with swimming lessons»

María explains that she has been going swimming for a long time because she signs up for municipal swimming courses. «I decided to take a maintenance swimming course in Lobete and the classes basically consisted of swimming and hardly any technique was taught. Wow, they don’t make corrections. Later I found out that there was an improvement course and I signed up. But it was a little more of the same », she describes. «The classes consisted of swimming doing series. I wonder how you can improve », she questions herself. «If they don’t give you technique or influence it and they don’t correct the things you do wrong and taking into account that there were an average of eight people in class and on some days less, the truth is that for me it has been a waste of time. “I am a teacher and I wonder if this is the spirit of Lomloe applied to public swimming,” she leaves in the air.

Mari Carmen fully supports a previous call. «A person said the other day that all kids want to be civil servants and I go with him 100%. Today they don’t want to be bricklayers, plumbers, electricians or painters because they don’t earn much more and civil servants work at 5%, to say the least. If you are a woman you can go shopping during work hours; They go to have coffee and take as long as they want and they charge the same without paying or badge… So it doesn’t surprise me that kids today don’t want to have any job. “All civil servants,” she emphasizes with irony.

A musical complaint. «It is curious about the official anthem of Logroño. Well, okay, it seems very good to me that some like the lyrics more and others less, but I don’t quite understand that if it is the official anthem of Logroño, the song ends with a long live San Mateo. That is to say, if it is the anthem of Logroño we would have to say long live Logroño or long live San Bernabé, but not long live San Mateo. “Someone explain it,” he concludes as a coda to today’s section.

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An intervention for the “slippery” park floor

The new canine recreation space in La Ribera Park, says a citizen of Logroño, “has made the dogs and their owners happy, but it has a drawback.” «The ground at the edge of the fountain is very slippery. Many dogs skid and suffer bad falls and strong hits against benches, could something be done to prevent this? », he concludes.

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