Homeland Day: the best phrases to celebrate May 25

Homeland Day: the best phrases to celebrate May 25
Homeland Day: the best phrases to celebrate May 25

Reenactment of May 25, 1810 and the people expectantly waiting for news

Saturday 25 of May a new anniversary is commemorated May revolution, a national date throughout the national territory. This date is one of the most significant since it was when the first national government in the history of the country was established. In this context, there are phrases to remember the revolutionary spirit of those times.

The May Revolution, the first political and institutional step for the birth of the Argentinian republic as an independent state, was the process that in 1810 was concentrated in the city of Buenos Airesthe uprising of the Creoles against the authority delegated by the Crown of Spain in it Viceroyalty of the Río de la Platawhose overthrow led to the creation of the first national government.

On May 25, 1810, an autonomous and provisional government was created to protect the rights of the Spanish monarch. Ferdinand VII in the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata. He had been king between March and May 1808, after disputing the crown with his father, Charles IV.

Forced to abdicate Napoleon Bonapartewho had occupied Spain, the emperor placed his brother Joseph, better known as Pepe Bottle, for his love of drinking. He kept Ferdinand VII captive in Valencaya castle 300 kilometers from Paris, isolated from the world. Spain was left without a king.

Cornelio Saavedra, Mariano Moreno, Juan José Paso, Manuel Alberti, Manuel Belgrano, Juan Larrea, Miguel de Azcuénaga, Domingo Matheu and Juan José Castelli

On this day, in 1810, the first national government was created, which replaced the administration of the viceroy Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros in Buenos Aires; At that time, the capital of Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, under the domination of the Spanish crown. Its president was Cornelio Saavedraand was made up of the secretaries Mariano Moreno and Juan José Paso and the vowels Manuel Alberti, Manuel Belgrano, Juan Larrea, Miguel de Azcuénaga, Domingo Matheu and Juan José Castelli.

The formation of the First Junta occurred within the framework of the Napoleonic invasion of Spain, when the French emperor deposed Ferdinand VII and appointed his brother José as regent. The news reached the viceregal capital and led different local patriots to seek a new form of government in the face of royal acephaly in the Iberian Peninsula. The options that included the presence of Cisneros did not satisfy the society gathered outside the Cabildo, which asked for his removal.

From then on, it was agreed to create a Governing Board made up of Creoles. Although officially this new authority would be faithful to the deposed King Ferdinand VII, in practice, it served as a cover for the declaration of Independence of the July 9, 1816.

Argentina is one of the countries that has the most national dates in the world

This May 25 marks 214 years since the formation of the First Government Junta and, therefore, it is a good opportunity to learn some of the best phrases of the heroes who were part of that key experience in national independence. Below are some of them:

  • “And let there be no doubt that it is the people who confer authority or command.” (Cornelio Saavedra)
  • “I want a dangerous freedom more than a peaceful servitude.” (Mariano Moreno)
  • “To achieve the revolutionary ideal it is necessary to resort to very radical means.” (Mariano Moreno)
  • “If the people are not enlightened, if their rights are not made known, if each man does not know what he can, is worth and should, new illusions will succeed the old ones and it will perhaps be our luck to change tyrants without destroying tyranny.” (Mariano Moreno)
  • “No tyrant would make progress if there were not evil people who, driven by selfishness and carried away by the torrent of antisocial passions, did not serve as support for the throne erected by despots among the ruins of virtue and the most august rights of man.” (Juan José Castelli)
  • “If my octogenarian physique, by natural order, has diminished, my spirit has increased its vigor and I revive my failing strength to be able to offer my last remaining breath to my country.” (Miguel de Azcuénaga)
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