Panoramas in regions for Heritage Day 2024

Panoramas in regions for Heritage Day 2024
Panoramas in regions for Heritage Day 2024

Heritage Day 2024 is a collective event that seeks to promote the encounter with the different manifestations and heritage assets that exist throughout Chile.

This new version of Heritage Day It will take place on Saturday, May 25 and Sunday, May 26.a cultural festival that turns 25 this year in 2024.

The celebration of the 25 years of Heritage Day will add many surprises in different heritage sites in each region.

Below you can review some panoramas to celebrate Heritage Day 2024 throughout the country.

Tour inside the port “Remembering our origins in the port” (Arica and Parinacota Region)

The port of Arica opens its doors to welcome the community and show its facilities, through guided tours, through the port facilities.

This activity begins from the Comprehensive Tourist Center, with a fair for entrepreneurs who have products with regional identity for sale available to the community.

Then the tour begins through the port offices, ending at the Maritime Governorate with a tour of its offices.

Full opening of the Municipal House of Culture (Parinacota Region)

The Municipal House of Culture will join the national heritage festival, with various activities for the whole family.

Audiovisual projections will be presented on aspects of local culture.

In addition, exhibitions on regional identity and heritage, dance and music interventions and many surprises.

We will also have the viewpoint on our terrace enabled for photographs and contemplation of the urban landscape of Iquique.

Linking Workshop between vestiges in time and emotions (Antofagasta Region)

The workshop will be taught by Melissa Guevara (El Salvador) and seeks to explore the relationship between emotional archeology and formal archaeology, with collective reflection on the emotions and experiences associated with archaeological remains through construction with clay and in association with the territory of San Pedro de Atacama.

Opening of the Inca de Oro Observatory (Atacama Region)

A guided and free tour will be carried out through the space determined by the Inca de Oro observatory, located in the town of Inca de Oro, commune of Diego de Almagro, Atacama region with the story of the historical context and a talk on Astronomy.

Rediscover your Port (Coquimbo Region)

The Port of Coquimbo is part of the history of the Port City. The city was born with the Port, a space for the cultural development of the Chango people and the English migration.

Today Terminal Puerto Coquimbo opens the doors for the development of cultural and heritage activities, with a historical exhibition, development of illustration workshops, painting, nautical chart and visit to the Maritime Authority ship.

ArtePuerto 2023, 100 years of the Puerto Valparaíso Market, 100 artists (Valparaíso Region)

It takes place in the Puerto de Valparaiso Market between May 25 (Heritage Day) and June 16.

The event will take place in 2 parts:

  • Collective exhibition of visual arts with the works of 100 national artists, exhibited on the second and third floors of the Mercado Puerto de Valparaiso Building. At the opening event, OPTIKO-AURAL, an immersive Light and Sound experience, will be presented.
  • Dialogue on the relationship between art and heritage, with the participation of 4 Universities (UV, UPLA, UCH, UTFSM).

Heritage tour of the Chilean National Theater (Metropolitan Region)

The Chilean National Theater (TNCH) celebrates arriving at its current home – located in the civic center of Santiago de Chile – 70 years ago and does so with renovated spaces that mix classic with contemporary.

The TNCH invites the community to be part of its heritage tour where attendees will be able to learn the details of this theater with more than 83 years of history. The tour of the Antonio Varas room will include the main milestones that constitute the story of the performing arts in our country.

Settings of a 19th century aristocratic house (O’Higgins Region)

The corners and public and private spaces of a house of the colonial Creole elite are shown.

On this tour you will be able to visit the living room and remember the old gatherings, or the dining room with its distinctive furniture, or the intimacy of the bedroom and desk, or the kitchen where stories and tales were told by the light of the brazier.

Heritage tour of Villa Alegre (Maule Region)

The heritage tour invites participants to immerse themselves in the history and culture rooted in the commune of Villa Alegre.

This tour gives them the opportunity to explore iconic places and emblematic monuments, while being guided by stories that reveal the details and importance of local heritage. Participants will not only discover the historical richness of the commune, but will also connect with its cultural identity.

1939 Earthquake Immersive in 3D (Ñuble Region)

On-site activity at the cathedral front and Plaza de Armas of Chillán.

There will be a module that will move to different points in the Plaza de Armas itself. Through your smartphone or tablet you can scan codes and sheets and live the immersive experience of the 1939 Earthquake in augmented reality technology, learning what our city was like before the earthquake and how it was devastated after the earthquake.

All in real time and in front of your eyes. We will also have our tablets.

Screen Printing Workshop: Printing decorative patterns of Penquista architecture (Biobío Region)

The “Screen Printing Workshop: Printing decorative patterns of Penquista architecture” is an instance that collects the visuality of the decorative pattern designs that cover heritage buildings, based on a collective exercise of experimentation in screen printing that proposes the serial reproduction of prints on paper of graphic patterns belonging to the architectural complex of Paicaví Remodeling of Concepción.

Traveling exhibition of masterpieces from the Regional Museum of Araucanía (Araucanía Region)

Assembly and production of temporary exhibition consisting of 20 high-resolution images printed on photographic vinyl adhesive plastered on 3mm sintra.

Each 120 x 129 cm image corresponds to one of the 20 most relevant objects in the Regional Museum’s collection.

Gravity (Los Ríos Region)

Here you can observe the operation of the mill and see how the turbine powers an entire factory with the power of water.

On one side of the Mill, there is a house that evokes the outdoor and family lifestyle of the time.

Currently there is the Gravity exhibition with photographs that invites us to get to know the universe.

Visit Club House of La República (Los Lagos Region)

Guided visits will be made to the heritage house and the first completely recycled house in the Puerto Varas commune.

Public display of the taba game (Aysén Region)

Initiative of members and friends of the history and geography society. Sample of taba, which has the support and accompaniment of experts in the game who will give diners the opportunity to play according to the traditional rules existing in the Aysén Region.

The assembly of a court for the game is contemplated in the historic Plaza del Pionero, steps from the Ovejero monument.

Guided visit to the Chilean Red Cross Building Punta Arenas branch (Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica)

​​The doors of the building will open to the community, in order to show its architecture and design, typical of the time in which it was built and, at the same time, show instruments used in the beginnings of the Red Cross in Punta Arenas.

All the uniforms used by the volunteers from their founding date to the present day will also be shown.

All this, through a guided tour, where the offices occupied by the Red Cross will be shown, which will be accompanied by a diptych.

You can find the details of each of the events by clicking on the links or learn about more events throughout Chile on the Heritage Day 2024 site.

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