Daniel Ortega reiterates that there is no alternative but peace › World › Granma

Daniel Ortega reiterates that there is no alternative but peace › World › Granma
Daniel Ortega reiterates that there is no alternative but peace › World › Granma

The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, reiterated that there is no alternative for humanity but peace, when wars and aggression multiply in the name of democracy.

During an event held last night for the delivery to Nicaraguan transporters of a new fleet of Chinese buses, the president recalled that such attacks are caused by “the imperialists of the land.”

“Yes, the imperialists of the earth, and I never tire of repeating it, those who began waging wars among themselves to dispute the dominance of Europe,” said Ortega at the ceremony that was also attended by Vice President Rosario Murillo.

The Sandinista leader recounted the colonizing processes in Europe and how in their disputes to take over the world they killed each other, and now they present themselves as the great democrats or pacifists.

He added that then they began a competition to find how to take over the African continent and they did it with blood and fire, since the European democrats set up a big business: enslaving human beings.

“The people have enough strength, enough intelligence to decide their own future,” he stressed.

The Central American ruler also mentioned Venezuela, which will soon hold presidential elections, and how the hegemonic powers led by the United States attack the South American country from all sides, as they want to defeat it in any way.

“They have tried with coups d’état, with murders, now they are talking about how these elections are not democratic, they have already disqualified them, they are not going to recognize them,” he said.

In that sense, he referred to the sanctions applied by these powers and described them as aggressions that harm the people.

“And the battle is being fought in Venezuela, the battle is being fought for the independence of the Latin American and Caribbean peoples,” said Ortega.

He assured that President Nicolás Maduro, who today raises the sword of Simón Bolívar in Latin America, will manage to move forward with the support of Venezuelans and the people of Our America, although there are governments that want to ignore him.

On the other hand, he referred to the false slander that the United States and European countries raise against China and explained that where the Asian giant arrives, not a single shot is fired against the people.

«They come to look for how to help as they have done and are doing in Nicaragua. Here they have not brought cannons, warships, they have not come to install military bases, in no country in Latin America and the Caribbean have they installed military bases,” he emphasized.

Photo: Taken from Prensa Latina
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