The message that came from the Spanish Embassy, ​​which no longer has a representative in the country

The message that came from the Spanish Embassy, ​​which no longer has a representative in the country
The message that came from the Spanish Embassy, ​​which no longer has a representative in the country


A surprising message arrived this morning for Argentina from Spainafter the strong tensions that occurred between both countries due to the terrible personal relationship between its two leaders, Javier Milei and Pedro Sánchezwhich are at the ideological antipodes.

It was when since the Embassy of Spain in Argentina They sent greetings for him 25 of Maydespite the fact that this representation has already been beheaded at the local level since Sánchez decided to withdraw the ambassador, after Milei called his wife corrupt, Begoña Gómezaccused of a case of influence peddling.

“On the occasion of Homeland Day, we want to send to the Argentine people this May 25 our most cordial congratulations, as well as the best wishes for well-being, peace, harmony and prosperity,” they wrote in the official account of x from the embassy.

María Jesús Alonso Jiménez, who was head of the headquarters in Argentina, was first called for consultation. But after Milei’s expressions against Gómez in Spain – whom she did not name, but the allusion was evident – during the Vox festival Europe Viva 24Sánchez decided to withdraw it permanently.

The person who communicated the news at the time was the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albares. That was the end of an escalation that began when the head of Transportation of that country, Oscar PuenteDays before, he revealed that Milei “consumed substances.”

Beyond the discursive darts between both leaders and their officials, the Casa Rosada did not copy Spain’s attitude and decided keep ambassador Roberto Bosch at the diplomatic headquarters, located in Madrid. “If Pedro Sánchez is making a major mistake, I am not going to be so stupid as to make the same mistake”justified Milei, a fervent detractor of the ruling PSOE.

The Government also let it be known that this Spanish decision would not affect the course of the business between both nations, when the Iberian country is the second investor in Argentina.

Next month, Milei will return to Spain to receive the Juan de Mariana Prize. The question is how it will be received, since in recent days Sánchez questioned that during the libertarian leader’s time there – which ended in the breakdown of the relationship – local State resources were used for his security and operation.


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