Cauca burns! Police station in Caldono attacked

Cauca burns! Police station in Caldono attacked
Cauca burns! Police station in Caldono attacked

This Friday, May 24, the Police substation of the Siberia district, in the rural area of ​​CaldonoCauca, was harassed by FARC dissidentsdemonstrating the concern that exists in this sector due to the different public order disturbances that exist, given that this Police station was very well known.

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According to witnesses, this situation occurred late in the afternoon, when 25 armed men They began to attack the station, where the uniformed men activated a defense plan, managing to repel the action of the FARC dissidents, but still generating greater concern about this situation.

Harassment of the Police in Siberia, Cauca

Caldono Declaration

“People were in the bars and stores when they were forced to run due to the gusts against the substation, which is located in the middle of the homes.”

Likewise, according to the commander of the Police in Cauca, Colonel Giovanny Torres Bautistasthis situation was brief, but it increases the alarms due to the public order situation in the region, however, he highlighted that in this case there have been no injuries or deaths, thanks to the action of the National Army, but concerned about the attack in the Police station in Caldono.

Has there been another attack against police stations?

Let us remember that this is the second attack against members of this institution registered in less than 48 hours in this area. On the night of this Thursday, May 23, the attack, with firearms, against the station was also recorded. Silvia PoliceLikewise, it is known that this occurs in response to the increase in military force by order of the President Gustavo Petro.

Likewise, these public order situations arise at the time when a security scheme was carried out for President Gustavo Petro, for his visit to Popayán, a territory where the actions against the FARC dissidents, led by alias Iván, are identified. Nibble.


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