Director of the Cúcuta prison whose armored car was removed, left the country

The director of the Modelo prison in Cúcuta, Ángelo Smith Torrado, He had to leave the country in the last few hours after the threats against him increased and his armored truck was removed from the National Protection Unit, UNP.

The official asked that the situation be reevaluated and he be protected.

It was also known that at least 11 other Inpec officials reported threats, so the Attorney General’s Office made a request to the UNP to reevaluate the security risk for Smith Torrado, who was assigned a conventional vehicle.

The above, despite the fact that the Mayor of Cúcuta, Jorge Acevedohad expressed concern about Torrado’s situation.

Let’s not take away the security scheme with an armored truck from the director of the prison complex. “This man is threatened, more than threatened.”

Of this event, which occurs just 10 days after hitmen on motorcycles took the life of the director of the Modelo prison in Bogotá, Elmer Fernandez, the Public Ministry spoke out.

The Attorney General for the defense of Human Rights, Javier Sarmiento Olarte, remembered that they go more than a thousand threats to officials from Inpec, among which 15 from the Cúcuta prison appear.

Consequently, he called for a “r“evaluate the risk and reconsider that decision to allegedly leave the director of that establishment helpless as the mayor made known.”

The Public Ministry said that it is not explained how after what happened, on May 16 with the murder of Colonel Elmer Fernández, these actions by the UNP took place and even more so when the Minister of Justice himself requested to reinforce security for the directors of prison establishments nationwide.


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