Two firefighters were trying to contain the fire in a house in Bariloche when an explosion occurred

Two firefighters from the Bariloche Central Barracks were transferred to the Ramón Carrillo hospital in Bariloche after be injured as a result of an explosion while trying to fight a fire. A woman was also referred for smoke inhalation. The three were discharged during the morning and are out of danger.

The fire broke out at 3 this Saturday in a house on O Higgins and Osorno streets, in the La Cumbre neighborhoodSouth of the city.

«It was very abrupt how the fire started to burn. We arrived as soon as they gave the notice at the barracks and everything was already taken by fire.«explained Jorge Vargas, head of the Central Fire Station.

He said that the fire started in a garage where a vehicle was completely burned. Immediately, the flames reached the upper floor of the house. «It is being investigated because there are indications that it was intentional. It didn’t take long for the firefighters to arrive and it was noticed that the fire was already widespread. Obviously, everything burned immediately because the construction was made of wood,” police sources indicated.

Vargas warned that work was done to prevent the spread of the fire to two neighboring houses that “were very close together.” «At one point, a neighbor alerted us to the possibility that a six-month-old girl was inside the house, so we made two entrances in two different places to try to contain the fire. But we didn’t find anything. At that point, they told us that the relatives had the baby and were out of danger.«, he counted.

However, at the time when the firefighters were looking for the baby, an explosion occurred in the refrigerator motor and two firefighters suffered injuries. They were taken to the hospital.

“One of them suffered chest trauma from the blast wave of the explosion and slight bleeding from the left eardrum,” hospital sources said. The other firefighter, Vargas specified, was affected with “a hum typical of the explosion.”

The intervention of the firefighters ended only at seven in the morning, with total damage to the house. «We are talking about a house measuring 12 by 6 meters, on two levels. We managed to contain the fire before it caught the two neighboring houses. We work on three mobiles from Central, one from San Francisco and one from 2 de Abril, with water support from Melipal. A total of 32 volunteers«Vargas pointed out.

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