Welcome to the palace | The Rioja

Welcome to the palace | The Rioja
Welcome to the palace | The Rioja

Art lovers and those who like to browse other people’s homes, even more so if they are luxurious mansions or castles with centuries of history behind them, have an unmissable double date this Sunday in Italy. The open day Promoted by the Association of Italian Historical Houses (ACHI), it opens 450 monumental residences normally closed to the public for free throughout the country. There are palaces of noble families, medieval castles, Renaissance villas and romantic gardens, as well as some public archives, on the list of open spaces in this cultural proposal, with fourteen editions of the tour, which last year attracted more than 200,000 visitors.

Simultaneously, in Milan, where there will be a dozen historic residences available to the public, the ‘Open House’ initiative is being held this weekend, inviting both tourists and residents to discover the architectural heritage of the economic capital of Milan. Italy. Thus, some historic palaces and contemporary buildings that mark the Milanese urban skyline, such as the Pirelli Skyscraper or the Diamante Tower, discover their treasures, as well as other emblematic places such as the headquarters of the newspaper ‘Corriere della Sera’ or the workshops of the Teatro de la Scala, where the sets and costumes of the most important temple of world opera are prepared. The total offer includes a hundred different spaces.

“We want to show citizens and institutions that our houses are a resource for the future of the nation and the territories where they are located,” explains Giacomo Di Thiene, president of ACHI. “Cultural heritage is often looked at as if it were something of the past, but we are confident that these historic residences can boost a sustainable economy. In the midst of these old walls and gardens there is a lot of work to be done in at least three areas. -he explains-First is the restoration and maintenance of the buildings themselves and their works of art, as well as their external spaces. Then there is tourism that revolves around them and, finally, their promotion of the knowledge economy due to its relationship with the identity and history of the places where they are located. “Cultural heritage is an element of connection between generations and we have a moral duty to show it to young people.”

‘Open House’ in Milan

When asked about the ‘crown jewels’ to highlight among the 450 residences that can be visited today, Di Thiene recommends searching on the association’s website (www.associazionedimorestoricheitaliane.it) for the places closest to the place of residence of each one or where you intend to travel to develop your own itinerary. “There are houses more famous than others, but they are all unique,” she responds. On the long list can be found, for example, the castle of Muro Lucano, in the southern region of Basilicata, where Joan I of Anjou, queen of Naples, was assassinated in 1382.

Di Thiene himself is the owner of a 15th century castle-palace located in Veneto, in the northeast of the country. «When we started participating in this event five years ago it was the only place in the town of Thiene included in this initiative, but now four other places have joined, both public and private, and an increasing interest has been generated “, celebrates.

There are palaces of noble families, medieval castles, Renaissance villas and romantic gardens

Although it is not connected to the ACHI event, the objective pursued by the ‘Open House’ proposal held in Milan is the same. “Our goal is to promote a spirit of encounter for anyone interested in learning about the diversity of the city and its constructive environment,” says Lucia Mannella, co-director of the cultural association that promotes the Milanese event.

Another fifty cities around the world organize events with characteristics similar to ‘Open House’, which in this edition allows you to see first-hand the city’s seven old train stations, whose lands will be reclassified in the coming years. In this way, a major urban regeneration project will be given impetus that promises to multiply green spaces and sustainable mobility in the stimulating Lombard capital.


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