Tension in the ATE blockade against the presence of Milei in Córdoba

The leaders of the Córdoba State Workers Association (ATE) maintain a protest at the access to the Taravella airport and the routes where Javier Milei travels on Saturday.

Around 10:45, the protest complicated traffic and delayed traffic at the airport entrances. The protesters burned tires trying to completely block the route, but the Gendarmerie intervened with determination and evicted the protesters. It was the moment of maximum tension and included the use of tear gas.

By midday, the presence of gendarmes and police almost tripled the number of ATE protesters in the airport area. A Córdoba Police helicopter was also flying over the area.

The Police guaranteed The voice that traffic will be maintained on the middle of the road. There were some crossings with protesters, although the incidents did not escalate.

Crosses with the Police during the ATE protest against the presence of Milei in Córdoba (José Gabriel Hernández).
Crosses with the Police during the ATE protest against the presence of Milei in Córdoba (José Gabriel Hernández).

“ATE stands against the neo-fascist government of Javier Milei. This May 25 we call on the workers to put a stop to this model of hunger and looting against our people, in that sense, we propose the following agenda,” the union announced in a statement.

The union plans to “declare Milei persona non grata on behalf of state workers.”

In addition to trying to “block the international airport of Córdoba,” ATE seeks to “cut off the route where the President of the Nation wants to travel.” The real thing is that Milei will travel by helicopter to the Civic Center.

“We are going to block the airport close to the time he (Milei) comes. And wherever the event goes, we will be protesting to clearly show that today there is hunger in Argentina,” said Federico Giuliani, general secretary of ATE.

CGT, in Colón and General Paz

Several hours before Milei will arrive in Córdoba, the two CGTs will gather in Colón and General Paz, from where they plan to march through the center of the city, although without bothering the libertarian leader who plans to arrive at 4:15 p.m.

Regarding the situation, the Minister of Security of Córdoba, Juan Pablo Quinteros, announced that he plans to meet on Thursday with the authorities of the Military House to analyze what security operation for Saturday.

According to reports, a strict perimeter cordon is expected and there is even talk about the placement of cell phone signal inhibitors, among other measures.

Milei will come to Córdoba on Saturday to hold an event in front of the Historic Town Hall, to celebrate May 25 with the citizens. The appointment is at 2 p.m., a couple of hours before the president speaks to the crowd.

Worker Pole

The Polo Obrero of Córdoba will also be mobilized. “We are going to develop a mobilization in the center and try to coordinate a common event with the CTA workers,” explained Emanuel Berardo on Cadena 3.

Berardo said that they will not join the blockade at the airport, but they will hold a march through the streets of the center. “We understand that there is great discontent due to the number of layoffs in the State,” he explained.

“We are going to develop, as I said, a mobilization in the center, with an event, and we are going to try to coordinate. Today there is a plenary session with one of the CGT,” he said.

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