Attention! These are the power outages for this Sunday in Atlántico

Attention! These are the power outages for this Sunday in Atlántico
Attention! These are the power outages for this Sunday in Atlántico

Personnel specialized in high voltage from the company Air-e, in a preventive manner, will work this Sunday, May 26, on maintenance and predictive testing of power equipment at the Malambo substation, from 8:30 in the morning to 3:30 pm.

The scheduled work will require the temporary interruption of electrical service on the Malambo 6 and Malambo 7 circuits.

Malambo Circuit 6: Malambo: Montecarlo, Bellavista, Miraflores, San José, Pacífico, Villa Berta, 7 de Noviembre, La Chinita, Villa Campo, San Antonio, Villa Esperanza, El Progreso, Villa San Martín and between races 3 and 6C of the 16 south street to 18 south street (La Milagrosa).

Malambo Circuit 7: Malambo: El Concorde, La Popa, Centro, San Jorge, street 4 with race 1H. Soledad: between streets 18 and 19 from race 1 to race 2 and the Ernesto Cortissoz Airport sector.

As a consequence of the maneuvers in this substation and taking into account that it distributes energy to the Sabanagrande substation, it will be necessary to de-energize the Sabanagrande 3 circuit that includes sectors in Santo Tomás and Palmar de Varela.

Santo Tomás: Las Cayenas, Altamira, Centro, Los Cocos, Villas del Prado, San José, Lucero, Los Mangos, Nuevo Horizonte, Villa Catalina, Palonegro, Villa Leidis Urbanization, La Arenosa Urbanization; and sectors surrounding the San Antonio sector.

Palmar de Varela: Las Delicias, Los Almendros, Villa Palmar, Amarando and sectors surrounding the El Doctor hill.

Jobs in Barranquilla and Soledad

On the other hand, in Barranquilla and Soledad Air-e will work on preventive maintenance and network adaptation in the Pasadena and Las Moras circuits, from 8:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon. These include the sectors:

Pasadena Circuit: Barranquilla: Pasadena and Simón Bolívar (between streets 17E and 18 between streets 7 and 7B). Soledad: May Day, La Rivera, Villa Sofía, Las Margaritas, Los Mangos, Salamanca, El Triunfo, Centenario, Cruz de Mayo, Hipódromo (between streets 19 and 23A from Carrera 26 to 33A) and El Porvenir (between streets 15 and 18 from race 27 to 30).

Las Moras Circuit: Soledad: Las Gaviotas Urbanization II Stage, Las Moras Urbanization, Éxito Metropolitano, Los Almendros I Stage; from street 76B to street 78C1 between streets 10 and 18, from street 77 to street 77B between streets 11 and 12, from street 73 to street 77A between streets 12A and 15A, race 34B between streets 56A and 57B ( Las Gaviotas Urbanization), from Calle 43 to Calle 44B between Carreras 9 Sur and Carrera 12 Sur (20 de Julio), from Calle 80 to Calle 83 between Carreras 17 and 18E (Los Almendros) and Calle 69 of Carrera 18 south to road 18C2.

Barranquilla: Calle 51B with Carrera 15 Sur, Calle 51B from Avenida Circunvalar to Carrera 12 Sur (Siete de Abril) and Calle 69 from Avenida Circunvalar to Carrera 14 Sur (Siete de Abril). In the Las Flores neighborhood of Barranquilla, from 7:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon there will be works to normalize the electrical service on 110th Street between Carreras 91 and 93. Additionally, in the El Porvenir sector on the street 79 with race 45 from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

Air-e will work on network and transformer maintenance; and from 1:00 pm to 5:40 pm on Carrera 49C and Calle 75, in the Alto Prado neighborhood.

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