At the event for May 25, Figueroa urged to work together for the Province

Governor Rolando Figueroa celebrated May 25 in Centenario. He joined, along with local and provincial officials, the central event at the “El Estribo” establishment.

“I think the time has come, in moments of crisis, in moments of chaos, to be able to know what Argentines are experiencing, to be able to say how we can move forward,” said Governor Rolando Figueroa during the May 25 event that It took place at noon in Centenario. «Surely getting ahead is not going to be that we fight with each other, that we shout, but that we talk; Getting ahead requires building solidarity together as a social good and asking ourselves, in our small homeland, what we can do for the province of Neuquén.”

Together with the mayor of Centenario, Esteban Cimolai and members of the cabinet, the Neuquén president joined the celebration held at the “El Estribo” establishment. The protocol ceremony began around 1:00 p.m., at the property located on Carlos Striga Street, in the old town of the city. The activity, open to the public, included the participation of neighbors who came to celebrate the national day and share fried cakes and mate.

The municipality of Centenario also reported that, given the weather forecast with adverse conditions, some of the events scheduled for the entire day were reduced. However, The Great Parade managed to take place during the morning: It consisted of a parade through the city with folk dances, which started from the intersection of Ingeniero Ballester and Belgrano streets.

Ariel Pérez, organizer of the event, thanked his family as they have accompanied him in the decision to celebrate May 25 for 15 years, uninterruptedly. He highlighted that the governor has a “gaucho heart” and has shown interest in celebrating this national holiday in the interior of the province. “Thank God we can have him present today in Centenario,” he told Figueroa. Thank you for getting off the plane so quickly to be here today,” he said excitedly.

For his part, Figueroa thanked the invitation and the work they do annually to remember the May Revolution among all. He highlighted the riders who participated in the parade, the students and teachers who were present this Saturday to celebrate a date so dear to national feelings. «To the Argentine Army, the Army of democracy, thank you very much for being present; to the group of grandparents, Don’t forget that they always accompany the activities in this town, to the authorities and neighbors present,” he listed.

Figueroa considered that May 25 is “a day that fills us with pride, that calls us to reflection and commitment, like the commitment of the heroes who built the first foundations to generate the revolution that laid the first steps for it to be born.” our homeland. We had to wait a little more than six years for that revolution to definitively transform into a cry for independence in 1816,” he recalled.

“We cannot forget two great fighters who allowed us to be free: Don (Martín Miguel de) Güemes with his salteño gauchos and the Great Chief Don (José de) San Martín,” he added, explaining that it is important to remember them because “we cannot “They asked themselves what the country could do for them but what they could do for the country and they did a lot,” he remarked. He took the opportunity to thank the support of the Malvinas Veterans who came to the event on a cold day like those they had to face during the war on the islands.

“All these values ​​allowed us to be independent,” he stated and invited the children to train, to study, to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them through education. “The true revolution of the times we live in is through education,” he said. It is the only way to transform individual life, family life and fundamentally life in society. So that they can think freely and have that generational commitment that we should all have. I hope we can all work together to shout now and always: Long live the Homeland!

For his part, Mayor Cimolai considered that the message of that May 25th “is the same one we want to transmit today.” “It is my personal commitment to work together so that the province really does very well,” he stressed.

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