Typical of the King: the time Arturo Vidal surprised with a luxurious gift

Arturo vidal He is going through the most decisive days with Colo Colo since his return to the club for this year. Although all eyes are on Tuesday’s match against Cerro Porteño, which they need to win to advance to the Copa Libertadores stage, they cannot neglect today’s clash in the local tournament.

For this international commitment, the Cacique already knows that he will not be able to count on King as a result of the expulsion he suffered in the draw against Alianza Lima at home. This will allow him to play this afternoon to add three key points that will allow him to get closer to the top, regardless of the fact that he will travel to Paraguay to support the group in the “final” that will take place during the week. And it is that Arturo vidal He is a reference for Albo, although it can also be true of Chilean football, as demonstrated by the last Cup, having given away t-shirts to the entire Ñublense team.

Vidal won a match and tied another against Ñublense

At that time he was still part of Flamengo and had to face the humble rival from his homeland in what was the most important match in its history in terms of contextual relevance. Despite that weight, those led by Jaime García stood so strong that night at the end of May 2023 that they rescued a draw against the powerful Rio team at the Ester Roa stadium in Concepción.

The gesture of the Red idol was so good that those who were honored did not take long to express their gratitude. Within the framework of the match between Ñublense and Flamengo, Arturo Vidal He gave away ‘Mengao’ t-shirts for the entire ‘Red Devils’ squad. Thank you for the nice gesture, Arturo Vidal! Some time later the midfielder would leave Mengao to spend a few months at Atlético Paranaense and then arrive at Popular after more than 10 years.

Arturo Vidal “present” at the press conference

A very nice moment was witnessed yesterday in coach Almirón’s usual chat with journalists. At one point, the Argentine realized how similar one of the people in the room was to Arturo vidal and he made him come forward while everyone laughed at the occurrence.

The king’s “double” generated a stir in Colo Colo

“First, are you going to take Arturo to Paraguay?” they asked the coach of Colo Colo. To add to the funny anecdote, Negro responded: “I don’t see him very focused. He is going to go to the game with Iquique,” ​​he mentioned. The event was quickly replicated on social networks with a good impact on the public.


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