Minister of National Assets inaugurates regional memory route in Valparaíso Cultural Park

Making visible and recognizing the historical importance of the Memory Route in Valparaíso is the central objective of the cooperation agreement signed today between the Ministry of National Assets and the Municipality of Valparaíso, with the Cultural Park-Ex-Cárcel, as the starting point of the Buenos Aires route. The signing coincides with the activities scheduled for Heritage Day and the 25 years of history since its celebration.

In this way, Minister Marcela Sandoval began the heritage route, beginning the distribution of the book “Valparaíso Region Memory Route”, which details and illustrates the sites and locations that protect regional memory and heritage.

As stated by the Minister of National Assets, “the ministry has a very special mission in the government of President Boric, which is to recover a Memory site per region, but also to collaborate in the task of disseminating heritage routes with this component. . Throughout the country we have more than 80 heritage routes, in all of them there are places that are historical heritage, but there are also routes with memory linked to the disappearance of people, where there was political prison and where there was also organization and struggle on the part of workers and workers. In all these places it is also up to us to make that part of history visible. Therefore, giving this initial kick-off with the municipality of Valparaíso in relation to moving the heritage routes with a memory component is essential.”

The mayor of Valparaíso, Jorge Sharp, meanwhile, added that “Heritage has to do with our past, without a doubt, but also with our present and future. That is why we think that heritage routes have enormous value. Through this cooperative agreement, we will work hand in hand with you in its promotion and dissemination. Without a doubt, being in the cultural park in the former prison has great symbolism, it is a space that many years ago the Community of Valparaíso recovered. A building was going to be built here and today we have a beautiful Cultural Park”

Finally, the president of the board of directors of the Cultural Park-Ex-Cárcel, Gianina Figueroa, stated that “today this Heritage Route begins and it takes place in our Cultural Park, which has two centuries of history and which includes, in addition to the oldest Powder Magazine, the gallery of former prisoners. This is undoubtedly a very relevant milestone for us who treasure our Heritage. As the Park is always open and free of charge, and not just this weekend, no Buenos Aires man or woman, much less anyone who lives in the region, can miss out on reconnecting with history and appreciating it.”

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