Nariño unions demand the start of the El Remolino aqueduct in Taminango

Nariño unions demand the start of the El Remolino aqueduct in Taminango
Nariño unions demand the start of the El Remolino aqueduct in Taminango

The most important unions in the department of Nariño will address the National Government today, Monday, to demand the start of the works on the aqueduct in the town of El Remolino, jurisdiction of the municipality of Taminango, north of Nariño.

They assure that it is a project of vital importance for this area in the north of the department because it is the region with the greatest tourist growth in Nariño, but that they have difficulties with water which is why they require this important project to be carried out.


The leaders indicated that this is a work that, according to the contract that Findeter made with an engineering firm from Cúcuta, must be delivered in 77 days, but so far not a single shovelful of earth has been given.

Faced with this delicate situation, the Nariño Trade and Business Council expressed its deepest concern and rejection, given this lack of progress in the construction of the aqueduct, which has an assigned budget of 10 billion pesos.

In this way, the most important economic entities in the department, such as Camacol, Cotelco, and Acopi, demand an immediate solution to this problem for this community.

No pronouncements

In this regard, Alejandra Lozano Díaz del Castillo, manager of Camacol Nariño, as well as Andrés Mauricio Rojas Mesa, executive director of Acopi, and Doris Ruano Zambrano, executive director of Cotelco, demand that the work begin, which has been several months late and that they do not know statements from the Cucuteño contractors.

The union directors add that this project was awarded by Findeter in September 2023, when the act of starting work was signed 5 years ago, Findeter awarded the first contract for 5 billion, they needed 10 billion over cost, settled the contract and opened a new tender and increased the requested figure.


In this regard, the president of Agua de Remolino, Lizbeth Riascos, has investigated with engineers from Nariña, who tell her that the work can be done in its entirety with 10 billion pesos.

For this reason, the contract with Cúcuta is requested to be liquidated and assigned to the engineers of the department of Nariño, who already know about the subject and are willing to continue with this project. The community rejects the department’s control entities that have not investigated this project that should already be built, but apparently the firm just collected the money and left.

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