Better get to work, GTS asks union members

Better get to work, GTS asks union members
Better get to work, GTS asks union members

State workers must get to work on their respective responsibilities and obligations, and “follow the example” of Governor José Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, ordered José Guadalupe Torres Sánchez, head of the General Secretariat of the State Government.

Since last weeks, the Single Union of Workers in the Services of the State Government (SUTSGE), indicated that anonymous testimonies from workers claim to have been conditioned by management to vote for candidates of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM).

The official maintained that there is no formal complaint before any internal investigative body, regarding the alleged coercion of bureaucrats to vote in favor of the PVEM, as reported.


Therefore, he assumed that this is another strategy of “some people” who intend to destabilize and confuse the electoral process – soon to be concluded – as well as point to the state with “isolated, abstract, generalized and non-formalized facts.”

The state official declared that all of the above “here and in China” have no validity, they are simply “imaginary” events existing in the minds of the people who spread them.

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