Two students were found dead in an apartment in Santa Fe: the researchers’ hypothesis

Two students were found dead in an apartment in Santa Fe: the researchers’ hypothesis
Two students were found dead in an apartment in Santa Fe: the researchers’ hypothesis

This weekend, two young people were found dead in an apartment and the main hypothesis of the Police maintains that it was a tragic domestic accident after a gas loss.

The event occurred on Saturday at noon in a home on the third floor of a building located at 1800 San Martín Street, in the city of Santa Fe. According to investigators, the victims were identified as Gianfranco Segovia, 28 years old, and Fiama Schneider, 25.

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The young people were originally from Entre Ríos, but were in the neighboring province because they were studying law there. It was the neighbors who alerted the Police about two people unconscious at the scene.

After that, the troops quickly arrived along with a crew from the Sapper Firefighters Group and medical personnel. When they entered the house, they found the two students lying on the ground.

The tragic episode occurred in a central building in the city of Santa Fe. (Photo: courtesy of Canal Veo)

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The young woman was unconscious on the floor of one of the bedrooms, while the boy was a few meters from the place, inside the bathtub. However, when health personnel tried to assist them, He could only confirm the death of both.

At the moment, Justice is investigating the causes of the tragic deaths, but everything indicates that it was a domestic accident due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The staff of the local police station and the Scientific Police worked at the scene to carry out investigative tasks to help clarify what happened in the department. The bodies of the young people were taken to the local morgue for autopsies.

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After the news became known, this Sunday the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences of the National University of the Litoral shared a message about the tragedy: “The faculty regrets with deep pain the death of Gian Segovia and Fiama Marianela Schneider, students of the Law career of our house. The entire university community accompanies their family and friends in this sad moment,” they wrote on their networks.

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