Leader of the FCF? These are the aspirations of Iván Ramiro Córdoba

Leader of the FCF? These are the aspirations of Iván Ramiro Córdoba
Leader of the FCF? These are the aspirations of Iván Ramiro Córdoba

Colombian soccer

Iván Ramiro Córdoba confirmed his intentions to be a leader in Colombia.

By Julio Beaujon

05/27/2024 – 09:44am COT

© IMAGO / Gribaudi/ImagePhotoIván Ramiro Córdoba

Iván Ramiro Córdoba He has been, without a doubt, one of the greatest exponents of Colombian football in recent decades. Now, more than a decade after his retirement, the defender could return to Colombia with great leadership aspirations. The former player revealed that he wants to work in the Colombian Football Federation (FCF).

Iván Ramiro Córdoba He has gone down in history as the first Colombian footballer to win a Champions League. The defender was part of the historic Inter Milan squad that won the treble in 2010, under the command of Jose Mourinho and Rafa Benítez.

The Colombian retired in 2012 and, from that moment, his managerial career began. The legend has been part of the board of Inter and Venezia. Now, he would be preparing to return to Colombia with great leadership aspirations.

Iván Ramiro Córdoba to the FCF?

The former player has given an interview with Infobae and has touched on different topics about current Colombian football. It was there that he acknowledged that he hopes to continue his managerial career in the highest institution of Colombian football. Although he did not set a date, he assured that he is preparing for it.

Iván Ramiro Córdoba (IMAGO / Imaginechina)

Just like when I was starting to play soccer and I saw the Colombian team as something difficult to reach, but it was never a barrier for me to fight for it until I reached it, the same thing happens as a leader. I would very much like to join the federation in the future and be able to lead Colombian football from the leadership side, not at this moment, it is not my intention, I am preparing for that and I see it in the future, I see it very respectful” were the words of Córdoba.

Atlético Nacional Market

Iván Ramiro Córdoba He referred to Atlético Nacional’s movements in the transfer market. “In recent days, he has demonstrated that he wants to make an important change at the societal, sporting and technical level. Let’s wait for the next steps, but having players with great experience, players who have characterized the recent history of Nacional, is important to transmit all that to the young people.“.


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