Organize the “Orfeón…” tribute to the memory of maestro Electo Silva

Organize the “Orfeón…” tribute to the memory of maestro Electo Silva
Organize the “Orfeón…” tribute to the memory of maestro Electo Silva

A special concert will be dedicated to the memory of Silva Gaínza (November 1, 1928-May 30, 2017) at 5 pm next Friday, May 31, in the Sala Dolores, in Aguilera, corner of Reloj, in front of the Plaza Dolores, also known as Boulevard.

Teacher Sonia Ivette García Colombat, director of the Orfeón, explained that although the choir does not ignore Mother’s Day and the beginning of spring, the concert “is to enhance the life and work of the maestro Electo, something we do in every moment, regardless of whether the anniversary is that of the death.”

Sonia Ivette announced that as hosts, they will have several guest choirs: that of the Professional School of Art, directed by Professor Yordan Dasilva; that of the Esteban Salas Conservatory, with Yanela Fajardo, recently graduated, at the helm, and “Vox Lucis”, conducted by Luis López, singer of the “Orfeón….”.

At the concert, all vocal groups will premiere works, Colombat said.

The director indicated that the choir she directs will do a new repertoire “and we will also have a moment dedicated to Electo, because each group will sing a song by the maestro.”

Sonia announced that her group will include in the “Dolores” program, works that it will take to the Coravana Festival in the Capital in June, “but we are going to premiere them here.”

The Orfeón Santiago has a very loyal audience in this city, which is at the same time very demanding “because they always expect something new from us.”

In short, they will premiere songs by an American composer; by Guido López-Gavilán del Rosario; by Silva Gaínza, of whom they will make a trilogy with songs that were Electo’s preference, based on poems by Federico García Lorca, Nicolás Guillén, by him… “they are works considered jewels of choral singing in Cuba and abroad,” said Colombat .

“Santiago de Cuba is full of life in choral art; “Electo lives in each of the choristers of all generations and that is the reason why we will have a choral party on May 31.”

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