Three minors were arrested for the brutal crime of the bus driver in Río Cuarto: two are unchargeable

Three minors were arrested for the brutal crime of the bus driver in Río Cuarto: two are unchargeable
Three minors were arrested for the brutal crime of the bus driver in Río Cuarto: two are unchargeable

The Córdoba Police in raids to arrest the suspects

The Córdoba Police arrested last night three minors for the crime of Facundo Pereyra, the 46-year-old driver murdered while working during the early hours of this Sunday in the 400 Homes neighborhood, in the city of Fourth quarter. The suspects were transferred to a juvenile center in the provincial capital, awaiting what is defined by the Dr. Javier Di Santoprosecutor in charge of the investigation.

Police sources told this Monday Infobae that minors, 14, 15 and 16 years, were arrested in a series of raids ordered by prosecutor Di Santo. One of them was captured on public roads.

During the searches, investigators also They seized clothing and cell phones.

The two adolescents who are not responsible for their age are at the disposal of the Secretary of Children, Adolescents and Families of Córdoba, while The third young man, 16 years old, was placed at the disposal of the provincial Public Prosecutor’s Office. because is the only one attributable.

The violent episode occurred at the intersection of streets August 12 and Carlos Gaudardin the 400 Homes neighborhood in the south of the Córdoba city, where the victim was found badly injured in his white Fiat Unor.

The corner in Rio Cuarto where Pereyra was found dying last weekend (Google Street View)

A local resident alerted about the incident by calling 911 just after midnight. According to the reconstruction of the events published by The Twelve TV, the victim would have carried a passenger from the Banda Norte neighborhood to the 400 Homes neighborhood, located in the southern area of ​​Río Cuarto.

Provincial emergency service personnel found Pereyra dissipated in the car I worked with, with a shot to his body. Immediately, the driver was transferred to the Saint Anthony of Padua hospital, located on Guardias Nacionales Street and six kilometers from the scene of the incident. There, he died shortly after entering.

Apparently, the perpetrators were passengers of the bus. “They crossed the entire city, we are seeing the journey through the domes to try to establish the sector they crossed. Upon arriving at Barrio 400 Homes, the driver is shot,” sources from the investigation told the Cordoban media. And they emphasized: “The strongest hypothesis is that they cross the entire city.”

Once at the destination, the attacker allegedly shot Pereyra and seriously injured him. The authorities They think they stole his cell phoner along with the proceeds that night.

Father of three children, Pereyra worked in a company transporting people with disabilities and had added work as a driver to increase his income. By way of claim and request for justice for the murder of Pereyra, a group of remiseros carried out this morning a total cut on the Alberdi and Juan Filloy bridge, in addition to the reduction of half the lane on the Carretero and Obregón Cano bridge.

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