With the hope of better prices, Argentine meat is hunting for more business in China

With the hope of better prices, Argentine meat is hunting for more business in China
With the hope of better prices, Argentine meat is hunting for more business in China

More of 30 Argentine refrigeration companies fundamentally dedicated to the slaughter and export of beef They will be present starting this Tuesday at the Sial China 2024one of the most important food industry fairs worldwide.

In this case, fundamental for the refrigeration business, because the Asian giant has been the main buyer of Argentine meat.

As a parameter, between January and March 2024, exports of cuts to that destination accumulated 152,055 tons, for a value greater than US$435 million; while Throughout 2023, sales totaled 528,618 tons, for US$ 1,648 million.

In this framework, the Institute for the Promotion of Argentine Beef (IPCVA) will say again present in the Argentine Beef Pavilion, 1,150 square meters – the largest in the history of the Institute –in which they will participate 31 exporting companies: Arrebeef, Azul Natural Beef, Hereford Meat, Vireyes Meat, Catter Meat, Compañía Bernal, Compañía Central Pampeana, Ecocarnes, Friar, Frigolar, Refrigerator Forres Beltrán, Refrigerator General Las Heras, Refrigerator General Pico, Refrigerator Gorina, Refrigerator HV, Refrigerator Rioplatense , FRIMSA, Grupo Lequio, Industrias Frigorificas Recreo, Industrias Frigorificas Sur, La Anónima, Logros, Madeka, Menudencias, Offal Exp, Pampa Compañía de Carnes, Quickfood Marfrig, Rafaela Alimentos, Santa Giulia, Tomasello and Urien Loza.

As in other large international fairs, the Argentine Beef Pavilion will be conceived as a large business center, with individual attention spaces for companies around a large restaurant with almost 200 seats in which exporters will be able to invite their clients to taste grilled wide and narrow steaks.


The fair will take place between this Tuesday, May 28 and Thursday, May 30at the New International Exhibition Center in the city of Shanghai.

There, the president of the IPCVA, Jorge Grimberg, acknowledged that the expectation is to see if better prices can be achieved, since The Chinese market maintains active demand, but is paying values ​​well below those it validated in other years..

“Let’s see what happens with the prices of the Chinese market, which Today they are still a little depressed, and if other alternatives can be achieved in face-to-face negotiations“he emphasized.

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For his part, Mario Ravettino, vice president of the IPCVA and head of the ABC Argentine Meat Exporters Consortium, said that “the Shanghai Sial Fair means for Argentine businessmen a very particular and special moment to consolidate and build customer relationshipss, which is why the delegation is so important and numerous.”

In a similar vein, Hugo Borrell Jr., from the ArreBeef refrigerator, expanded: “The market has been depreciated for more than a year and comes with low values. Knowing the importance it has for our country and for our business, I consider it very important to go to Sial to see for yourself, chat with customers and try to interpret the real consumption situation in China for beef“.

For his part, Gustavo Quirelli (Frigorífico Recreo), recognized that “Expectations are always optimistic, despite the fact that the market remains between stable and downwardwith small moments of recovery.”

“I think this fair will be characterized by “try to give a greater understanding to the development and behavior of the Chinese market”agreed Carlos Riusech (Gorina Refrigerator).

And he mentioned: “China is buying the usual volumes but we are having a hard time understanding the price level. Today we are on a fairly flat plateau that makes it difficult for us to integrate based on livestock prices in Argentina, so I think that is where the main vector of the fair will pass.”

Meanwhile, Ignacio Bisso (Frigorífico Rioplatense) does not believe that the situation will change in the short term since “The grass fed remains punctured, with quite a few stocks in the domestic market”although he does not think that there will be a greater retraction.

At some point the market will begin to recoveralong with the Chinese economy,” he confided.

Similarly, Jorge Romero (Urien Loza), considered: “This year is going to be very tough in terms of prices and integrations.”but luckily China remains firm in its purchases and needs.”

“The expectation for us is to be able to establish ourselves in the quality market and get to know new clients from the premium segment that seek to carry more cuts and achieve better prices,” he concluded.

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Finally, other testimonies from exporters disseminated by the IPCVA were the following:

  • Romina Rolando (Bernal Company): Your company’s expectations are primarily focused on listening to customers. “In recent months, we have experienced a trend of depressed values, which underlines the importance of thoroughly understanding the current market context. The latter will allow us to make strategic decisions, optimizing our operations in a challenging market,” he explained.
  • Luis Viera (Rafaela Foods): He agreed that the current values ​​are low, “but China continues to be a great market for us and we come to the fair always betting on being able to grow.”
  • Ariel Martínez (Friar): He assured that “we come with good expectations although we know that the market is not having a good time, but the idea is to continue because it is a giant market and there are many possibilities.”
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