Elderly adult dies after falling down an escalator in a Punta Arenas mall

Elderly adult dies after falling down an escalator in a Punta Arenas mall
Elderly adult dies after falling down an escalator in a Punta Arenas mall

What happened?

A 77 year old man died during yesterday afternoon Sunday in Punta Arenas, Magallanes region, after accidentally falling down an escalator located in a shopping center in said city.

The fatal accident would have been caused by The deceased elderly adult performed maneuvers when trying to take a car down the escalatorrushing and falling through it.

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What is known about the fatal accident?

This event, according to El Pingüino, occurred around 1:00 p.m. yesterday Sunday inside the Espacio Urbano Mall in Punta Arenas, after the victim visited the shopping center to buy an electric oven.

PDI Magallanes in X

After making your purchase, He put the electric oven by packing it on a shopping cart, and later, he tried to leave the premises through the main entrance of the mall, going down the steep escalators.and not by those that are ramp type.


What did the PDI say about this fact?

In this regard, the subprefect Roberto Gonzalezfrom the PDI Homicide Brigade, told the aforementioned media that the deceased man “comes down the escalator from the first floor with a supermarket cart, which makes him He loses his balance, goes over the car and falls directly at the base of the stairs, hitting his skull.“.

It is a totally accidental fact. It was corroborated through a review of the mall’s security cameras. “There was no other person, neither before nor after he fell,” he added.

What did the mall say about the accident?

Through a statement to which the aforementioned media had access, from Urban space They noted that “we deeply regret what happened and send our most sincere condolences to family and close friends of the person who, For reasons that are still being investigated, he lost his balance and fell from one of our metal stairs.“.

Immediately after the incident, all emergency protocols were activated.including the provision of first aid by the Espacio Urbano team and the call to the Emergency Medical Care Service (Samu) and Carabineros,” he noted.

Finally, the public statement concluded that “despite the efforts made by health personnel, Unfortunately, it was not possible to revive him and he died at the scene.“. It is important to mention that once the fatal accident occurred, the site of the event was isolated, however, the rest of the facility continued to function normally.

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