The Justice ordered Capital Humano to distribute the food stored in warehouses, but the Milei Government anticipated that it will appeal

The Justice ordered Capital Humano to distribute the food stored in warehouses, but the Milei Government anticipated that it will appeal
The Justice ordered Capital Humano to distribute the food stored in warehouses, but the Milei Government anticipated that it will appeal

The government of Javier Milei anticipated that will appeal the ruling of Judge Sebastián Casanello who ordered him to deliver a plan for the immediate distribution of food that is stored in two warehouses in Buenos Aires and Tucumán.

“We have always been respectful and we will be respectful of Justice and what the judges determine, which does not mean that we do not use the legal instruments that are within our reach in matters on which we do not agree, such as this case,” said presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni when asked at this Monday’s press conference.

“Obviously we are going to appeal the resolution because we consider that this is not a judicial issue but rather a definition of public policy, and Justice cannot interfere in public policy“added the spokesperson, who also maintained that the food stored in these warehouses is intended for response to possible disasters and not for the assistance of community kitchens.

The ruling by federal judge Sebastián Casanello ordered the Ministry of Human Capital, headed by Sandra Pettovello, to report how much food it has stored and to develop a plan for its distribution “immediately.”

The judge in charge of the National Criminal and Federal Correctional Court No. 7 required a “detail of the current stock of food stored in warehouses located in the towns of Villa Martelli, Vicente López, Province of Buenos Aires, and Tafí Viejo, Province of Tucumán”.

Minister Sandra Pettovello, in charge of Human Capital. Photo: Marcelo Carroll

The report must include a breakdown of the type of food and the acquisition and expiration dates of the merchandise. He also requested that the income and expenditure of merchandise be detailed since December 2023, when Javier Milei assumed the Presidency.

In the second operative paragraph of his ruling, Casanello ordered Capital Humano to prepare a food distribution plan “taking into account its type, quantity, expiration date and target group, foreseeing its immediate execution” and He gave a period of 72 hours to present it.

The presidential spokesperson reiterated something that he had already explained last Friday by pointing out that the foods in question “are reserved preventively for emergencies or catastrophes. And this is not something that happens only in Argentina, it happens in the rest of the countries of the world. “.

“Evidently some They are upset that we have ended the middlemenwith the food changes, with a whole scheme that existed in Argentina where there were surely many personal beneficiaries who are no longer here and who feel hurt by everything that happens because The personal usufruct they had over certain issues ended“added Adorni.

“Of course we are going to show up to prove that Ours is serious work and we do not do populism. On the one hand, we have the assistance policy, and on the other hand, the merchandise policy for future catastrophes,” the spokesperson concluded by saying on the subject.

Rumors about the future of Posse

The spokesperson was also asked about the versions that have been circulating for days regarding the departure from the Government of the Chief of Staff, Nicolás Posse, about which even President Javier Milei spoke in a television interview,

“We do not have any hypothesis regarding where the versions may arise. What I can say is that since December 10, rumors have been occurring that some of us are leaving,” Adorni said.

“I always tell it, it has happened even with me. It has happened with Francos, it has happened with Pettovello, with Caputo, it has happened with Posse, and with some other official that I don’t remember now. But we don’t know where that comes from,” he stressed. .

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