the mayoral candidate of the Social Christian Party

the mayoral candidate of the Social Christian Party
the mayoral candidate of the Social Christian Party

Last April, when it was revealed on television that Aldo Duque – a pre-candidate for mayor of Santiago – was on the list that the Comptroller’s Office maintains regarding lawyers who have defended drug traffickers, the professional assured the media that these were “absolutely finished and concluded cases.”

This revelation of Channel 13 caused the general secretary of the Republican Party, Ruth Hurtado, would rule out the support of that party towards the lawyer, who is currently the letter of the Christian Social Party (PSC), as an independent.

However, until last week, Duque was still processing at least one important drug trafficking case, as stated in the web documentation (which is public) of the investigation by the Arica Prosecutor’s Office, regarding a group of Peruvian drug traffickers who –as reported The counter last year– shipment 200 kilos of especially powerful marijuana, of the species called “red bow”from Peru to Arica and from there to Santiago, in an operation in which the police believe that “Los Pulpos” are involved, one of the main transnational criminal organizations operating in Chile.

Indeed, as evidenced by the minutes of the hearing held on May 22, Duque attended the judicial instance – in which it was agreed to carry out an abbreviated procedure (that is, a brief trial, in which the accused admits responsibility, in exchange for a lesser sentence) – as a lawyer for two of the three people accused in the case: Grecia Vásquez López and Kenji Otiniano Narváez.

That is not the only major cause of drug trafficking in the north in which Duque has intervened. A simple review of his name in the Guarantee Courts of cities like Arica or Iquique shows that he has participated in several of them, not only at the level of initial procedures but also in different trials.

Also in Arica, in 2019, he was a defense attorney for Gonzalo López, Daniel Rantul and Liz Cervantes, who were detained in the town of Cuya with 43 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride, which they had (also) taken from Peru in a car specially conditioned for it. After the trial, the three were sentenced to 7 years in prison.

Better luck, however, was in another case, in which the Oral Criminal Court of Arica ruled on February 24 of last year and where four people, including a Colombian, were accused of having interned, in 2022, 1,452 kilos of marijuana and another 30 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride and base paste, that is, almost a ton and a half of drugs. In this case, Duque was the lawyer of the Chilean Alexander Carvallo. This and two other individuals were sentenced to 5 years in prison, receiving the benefit of intensive supervised release. A fourth defendant, Juan Carlos Caipa, was sentenced to 10 years.

Duque was also a defender of the Peruvian Luz Perralta Llamoca, who was arrested with 25 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride. She also ended up sentenced to 5 years, but in her case her sentence was replaced by expulsion from the country and a ban on returning for at least 10 years.

Perralta was arrested within the framework of an investigation by the Arica Prosecutor’s Office and the PDI, in which drug traffickers from Cerro Chuño have been investigated since 2021. She was just in the telephone interceptions of that case that the police heard two Chilean drug traffickers from that sector, terrified by the arrival there of a group about which the detectives knew nothing at that time: the Tren de Aragua.

In Iquique, meanwhile, Aldo Duque defended the “burreros” Bryan Díaz Narváez and Marlin Gutiérrez Díaz, both originally from Cali (Colombia), whom the police inspected aboard a bus at the customs control of the Loa River, on the occasion of that 10 packages were found with 8 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride. Both were sentenced to 4 years.

Another defendant defended by Duque in the same city, Raúl Rodríguez Allende, had less luck, who was arrested with orn “brick” of marijuana, weighing more than 1 kiloand that in 2022 he was sentenced to 5 years and one day, without benefits.

The causes in Santiago

Since the beginning of the Criminal Procedure Reform in Santiago (2005) to date, lawyer Duque has acted as a defender in trials for violation of the Drug Law in at least 12 Guarantee and Oral Criminal Courts, in the jurisdictions of the Cortes of Santiago and San Miguel, both for traffic and micro-traffic.

Among the processes in which he has acted, the defense of the Peruvian Juan Tunque Carrasco stands out, who was detained at the Pudahuel airport, after they were found 6 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride in his suitcase. As a result, he was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

He also represented Marcela Olivares in 2020, who was arrested along with another woman (the Paraguayan Magdalena Costa), keeping them inside a vehicle. 32 kilos of marijuana. Although, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, Olivares already had a conviction for drug trafficking in the United States, the First Guarantee Court sentenced her to 5 years in prison, but she was granted the benefit of special supervised release.

He has also defended traffickers who sold to ABC1 consumers, such as Vicente Cofré Salas, better known as “El Vicho”, who was arrested by the OS-7 of Carabineros along with his brother, with whom they distributed drugs at retail in Las Condes, seized in the police operation 1.5 kilos of cocaine base paste, as well as three marijuana plants. After the respective trial, “El Vicho”, who already had a record for the same crime, was sentenced to 5 years and one day, in January 2022.

Likewise, he was a defender of the Bolivian Richard Cruz Terrazas, sentenced in 2018 to 5 years (which was commuted to expulsion from the country), after being surprised inside the Universidad de Chile metro station with 14 kilos of cocaine.

In 2022, meanwhile, he represented Rosa Castillo Fonseca, who ended up with a sentence of 3 years and one day (and probation), after another subject gave her, at Central Station, a bag with 15 kilos of base paste and 8.5 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride.

Similarly, in 2019 he was the defender of Ayhi Vaca Soliz, a Bolivian citizen who, along with her husband, was surprised with almost 42 kilos of cocaine. The woman was finally acquitted in the Oral Criminal Court of San Bernardo, with a dissenting vote.

Another woman of the same nationality as her lawyer is Justita Vélez Arandia, who in the same court was prosecuted as part of an organization from which seizures were made. 62 kilos of drugs. In fact, at her home, on Zenteno Street (Santiago Centro), they were found 16 kilos of base paste and 10 kilos of marijuana creepydespite which he received a sentence of 5 years, with intensive supervised release.

And although this is not a case for drug trafficking, but for homicide, he was also a defender in the trial that took place before the First Oral Criminal Court of Santiago against Mario Hernández Tobar, in 2022, together with the lawyer Andrés Delgado. According to the Public Ministry’s accusation, in June 2016 two minors, ages 15 and 16, arrived at a home on San Daniel Street, in Pudahuel, to buy marijuana. When they were leaving, the prosecutor’s accusation indicates, they were attacked by Hernández and another subject, to steal their drugs, after which the accused would have stabbed the 15-year-old boy in the chest, causing his death. However, the court considered that the evidence was weak and decided to acquit Hernández.

The oldest causes

Among the oldest drug cases, which Duque mentions, are several very striking ones, such as the one related to an investigation by the PDI of Temuco, which culminated in 2011 with the seizure of 406 kilos of marijuana that had been entered into Chile through the Pino Hachado pass. At the trial, the lawyer defended Laura Díaz Sanabria, who was sentenced to 5 years and one day.

He also participated in one of the most notorious causes in the Chilean drug world: the investigation by cocaine trafficking in the Santiago Equestrian Club, in which a group of Peruvian drug traffickers supplied said drugs to several Chileans. In the investigation, carried out by the PDI, a total of 122 kilos of cocaine. At the trial, Duque acted as a defender of Peruvian Edwin Aranda, who was sentenced to a 3-year sentence, commuted to expulsion from the country.

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