a torpedo for the trial?

In 0080, Judge Heredia aspires to one of the one hundred and thirty-four (134) definitive vacancies for prosecutors delegated to circuit judges, within the framework of the Special Administrative Career System of the Attorney General’s Office.

In 0090, he registers as an applicant for 16 vacancies for prosecutor delegated to specialized circuit criminal judges.

The position of prosecutor Luz Adriana Camargo, however, was the opposite. With the accusation of the former president, the path begins for what will be the first trial of a president in Colombia. In that context, Sandra Liliana Heredia, who is today the 44th criminal judge of the circuit of knowledge, was assigned Uribe’s case by distribution.

Alvaro Uribe | Photo: Audience screenshot

But legally, the judge’s aspiration has no major relevance, according to criminal experts consulted by SEMANA. The first, because in criminal law the impediments are exhaustive. That is, they have to be explicitly detailed as such. And aspiring to a position in an entity is not one of them.

Criminal lawyer David Benavides assures that she “as the prosecution judge cannot do absolutely anything until the ruling. I don’t see any importance in her running for office. Neither harming nor favoring, at this point in the process she could not do anything.”


Iván Cancino, for his part, does believe that there is a theme in that aspiration. “It means that he will want to look good with the Prosecutor’s Office,” he maintains.

Last Friday, the former president’s hearing lasted almost 11 hours. The former president is being investigated for the crimes of bribery, bribery in criminal proceedings and procedural fraud.

Judge Heredia recognized that the case has the eyes of the country on it. “Given the media coverage of this case, we are all forced to endure all this criticism, but that is not going to undermine my impartiality…We must be prepared to issue an acquittal if the Prosecutor’s theory of the case cannot be proven or a conviction otherwise,” he said.

Judge Heredia set for July 10 the start of the trial preparatory hearings in which the evidence that will be taken into account will be defined. account at this procedural stage. Due to the complexity of the process, the judge stated that these hearings will last for several days. For this reason, she marked the 11th, 12th, 17th, 30th and 31st of July; as well as August 1 and 2, 5, 6, 8 and 9 to continue with the preparatory proceedings.

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