Doubts in the agreement of the Mayor of Bucaramanga for care of people with disabilities

Doubts in the agreement of the Mayor of Bucaramanga for care of people with disabilities
Doubts in the agreement of the Mayor of Bucaramanga for care of people with disabilities

The association agreement that the Bucaramanga Mayor’s Office signed for $1,232 million with the Pintando Huellas Foundation, on March 19, 2024, has raised doubts about the suitability of this non-profit entity to provide comprehensive care to boys, girls, adolescents and adults with disabilities in the municipality.

The 14-page document stipulates the activities that Pintando Huellas must carry out, and It is highlighted throughout the agreement that they are focused on processes of habilitation and rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

“Carry out the process of comprehensive rehabilitation and rehabilitation for boys, girls and adolescents with multiple disabilities, intellectual disabilities and autism disorders in the municipality of Bucaramanga. through neurorehabilitation, psychomotor and auditory rehabilitation and ABA therapeutic approach, in order to improve their quality of life and strive for functionality, independence and social inclusion,” says the first point of the attention line.

And although among the objectives of the agreement it also includes comprehensive rehabilitation and rehabilitation for people with disabilities adapted through art, culture and sport, what has raised questions is that those corresponding to neurodevelopmental therapies must be provided by Health Providing Institutions and The foundation would not have this experience in the strict sense but in processes of pedagogical care and integration of vulnerable groups.

“Here the Mayor’s Office of Bucaramanga incurs various irregularities in the care of people with disabilities. Previously, this population was served in a different way with different entities, but what they do now is that they group them into one and “They decide to assign the contract to a foundation that is not recognized for the care of people with disabilities in qualification processes.”denounced the councilor of Bucaramanga, Carlos Parra.

He pointed out that specialized entities recognized 40 and 50 years ago in the city that had been providing these services were left out.

“Likewise, what recognized entities and organizations report to us is that they changed terms during the public invitation so that they could not participate. In addition, this foundation has been participating in political activities for several years under Mayor Jaime Andrés Beltrán.“said Councilor Parra.

The Secretary of Social Development of Bucaramanga, Iván Darío Torres, explained that the intervention that will be carried out for people with disabilities will be comprehensive and not health-related, even though the agreement contemplates it.

“The Secretariat of Social Development is limited and the support provided to this population is to intervene in vulnerable groups, We cannot replace what is required of the service-providing entities. They provide qualification and rehabilitation as a complementary and integral partl,” said the official.

For his part, the legal representative of the Pintando Huellas Foundation, Pedro Andrés Aguilar Amezquita, pointed out that the only services that are contracted in health matters are psychology, speech therapy and physics.

“This was a competitive process, we showed up and won, we couldn’t hire as IPS because we are not and the only services we have are psychology, speech therapy and physics, the rest is pedagogical. Of the contract services, the only ones that include personal attention are those three,” said the representative of the Pintando Huellas Foundation.

For several years, several institutions have been providing services to people with disabilities in Bucaramanga, but This administration decided that only this foundation would be in charge of this care..

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