To the explosive prison of dissidents for attacks in Cauca

To the explosive prison of dissidents for attacks in Cauca
To the explosive prison of dissidents for attacks in Cauca

The Prosecutor’s Office reported in a statement that a judge sent Carlos Pincho, alias ‘Mono Pincho’, an alleged terrorist of the Front, to prison. Jaime Martinez the FARC dissidents and accused of terrorist attacks in Cauca.

“This guy would be involved in the harassment of the police substation of the El Carmelo district, Cajibío, Cauca, in the second half of 2023. This man was caught in a joint action carried out with the National Police on public roads in Piendamó (Cauca)”, reported the accusing body.

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He added that the investigation would prove that on July 3, 2023, in the company of other people, he apparently tied up and took away several young people who they launched bottles on the street during the Cajibío fairs and festivals. The victims were released hours later, except for a man found dead in the Casas Bajas village.

The organization also reports investigation criminal that two months later, in the company of other notable members of the dissidents, allegedly participated in the harassment with rifles and explosives to the same police headquarters in El Carmelo, where he was injured.

Due to the above, the Prosecutor’s Office He was charged with the crimes of aggravated homicide, terrorism, and aggravated criminal conspiracy; manufacturing, trafficking and carrying of weapons, ammunition restricted use, exclusive use of the Armed Forces or aggravated explosives; and aggravated manufacture, trafficking and carrying of firearms or ammunition. Charges that were not accepted.

Alias’Spiked Monkey‘, according to information from the authorities, is a member of the Jaime Martínez structure of the dissidents of the Central General Staff (EMC), formerly part of the FARC. The capture was made after a series of investigations that directly link him to several violent acts in the department of Cauca.

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Spiked Monkey‘He is also accused of planning and executing an ambush against the Transit Police last April. The attack occurred on the road Panamericana between Tunja and Piendamó, resulting in five police officers and three civilians injured. According to the Colprensa report, it is known that the detainee played a crucial role in this operation.

According to official sources, “Mono Pincho would be the in charge to provide weapons for the front commission Jaime Martinezwhich operates in the rural area of ​​Cajibío, Cauca.”

The detainee, considered trusted man alias ‘Botas’, head of the commission, is also accused of several serious crimes, including extortion from merchants and selective homicides. Among these murders, the one of a 16-year-old teenager on the sidewalk stands out Round Bush in July 2023. These criminal activities have been repeatedly reported by the community and documented by law enforcement officials.


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