Quintela created another tax as an “extraordinary contribution” and gave a salary increase to state employees

Quintela created another tax as an “extraordinary contribution” and gave a salary increase to state employees
Quintela created another tax as an “extraordinary contribution” and gave a salary increase to state employees


CÓRDOBA.- In parallel with the announcement of a salary increase for public employees that was announced on Friday, the governor of La Rioja, Ricardo Quintelacreated by law a new tax with the one who waits raise $500 million monthly. The Legislature, in which the ruling party has an absolute majority, launched a “extraordinary contribution” of “temporary, emergency and mandatory nature” for those registered in Gross Income with declarations equal to or greater than $200 million.

Quintela – who maintains a confrontation with the president Javier Milei and demands the payment of a co-participation differential, for which it reached the Supreme Court – announced on Friday through its social networks a salary increase of 40% for the basic and $20,000 for the “fortnight” (a payment without discounts that they receive state ones) for May for health sector employees. The Public Administration of La Rioja will receive a 40% increase in June salaries, $40,000 in fixed remuneration and $20,000 in the fortnight. For him “personnel linked to the State” The increase is $50,000.

Governors throughout the country are closely following the Misiones conflict, while ensuring that “there is no cascading effect,” but several have given increases in recent weeks and other districts are discussing parities again next month. In The Pampa, the governor Sergio Ziliotto just increase provincial salaries and pensions by 15%.

The “extraordinary contribution” established by Quintela is equivalent to an extra 25% Gross Income “determined without deductions and will be paid on the advances of May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December” of this year. The collected, according to the law, has a specific assignment what is he Solidarity Management Fund to be administered by whomever the Executive Branch determines. The fund is for “finance food policies in general, and the Rioja Food Program.” The expected collection is $500 million.

With a dependence of around 90% on national money transfers, Quintela had to sharply adjust expenses. Its current income fell 28% between January and March of this year (18.2% was the retraction of its own collection) while capital income fell 93.7%. The data comes from the budget execution analyzed by Politikon Chaco.

Personnel expenses are 33.1% below the same period in 2023 and consumption expenses (goods and services) are 44.3% lower. With this adjustment, the primary and financial results are positive as a percentage of total income: 8.5% and 0.8%, respectively.

In La Pampa, Ziliotto increased state salaries by 67% this year; The guaranteed minimum in May, for an agent with a typical family, without seniority and without a title, is $720,000. The financial cost of the latest increase is $61,000 million.

Ziliotto from Pampa speaks of “financial drowning.”Santiago Filipuzzi

The province faces a situation of “financial drowning” – says an official statement – ​​“product of the policies implemented by the current national government that compulsively cuts funds and promotes measures that impact general finances of the province and in the economies of the Pampean families.”

“The decision was made with the seriousness that characterizes the Pampas Executive, which always assumes commitments after carrying out an in-depth analysis that provides security of compliance,” emphasizes the Minister of Finance, Guido Bisterfeld.

A series of benefits were also announced, implemented through Banco de La Pampa: loans at 20% annually; 150% increase in the limits on credit cards (double if the salary is received in the Bank) and reduction in the interest rate for financing (43% annually); new promotions and higher refund amounts and a 25% discount on food purchases with a credit card on Mondays and Wednesdays. To which is added zero-rate loans, payable in 6 installments so that companies “can pay bonuses.”

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