“Bread and sand” | Cuba News 360

“Bread and sand” | Cuba News 360
“Bread and sand” | Cuba News 360

Text: Editorial Cuba Noticias 360

Photo: Cuba Noticias 360

Several users on social networks, residents of Las Tunas, denounced the quality of the bread in recent days, stating that the product has a sandy texture, apparently due to the flour with which it is made.

In fact, such claims reached the entities involved in the production and distribution of regulated bread, which, using the local official newspaper 26, They responded in typical fashion, with comments such as “it is suitable for human consumption,” about the flour used.

The territory’s Food Industry claimed to be “systematically reviewing the laboratories of the Santiago de Cuba mill.”

Let us remember that, in May, a shipment of wheat from Russia arrived in the port of Santiago, with “a high level of impurities,” says this same source, and to top it off, it adds: “Due to the technological characteristics of the Cuban industry, it is difficult to eliminate them.” completely, so there is a percentage of raw material left to process.”

The entity declares that this may be the reason why bread made with this flour has the characteristic “that when chewing you feel a grainy, sandy sensation.”

Clearly this response angered Las Las Tunas more, and criticism continues to come through multiple channels.

“What a shameful response. But what level of delay do they think one has? There is no human being that can eat that,” declared the user named Annie Peña Toledano.

Another commentator stated: “It is a lack of respect that knowing that there are families, that that is the only bread they can eat and to make matters worse that it is not useful.”

The truth is that bread production has not yet achieved stability; either due to lack of raw materials, shortage of fuel for distribution and its poor quality, reported on many occasions.

The financial and logistical restrictions that delay the arrival of wheat for flour production are known, which attempts to guarantee the daily production of bread from the regulated family basket.

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