They dismantle a gang that was dedicated to extortion in the northeast of Antioquia

They dismantle a gang that was dedicated to extortion in the northeast of Antioquia
They dismantle a gang that was dedicated to extortion in the northeast of Antioquia

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Nine people who had an arrest warrant and two more who were found flagrante delicto were captured in northeast Antioquia, accused of belonging to a gang of extortionists called ““Those from La Vega”.

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The people were captured in seven search and seizure operations carried out simultaneously by the Police Gaula in the Antioquia municipalities of Cisneros, Medellin, Santo Domingo and also in Génova, municipality of Quindío.

The authorities reported that among those captured is alias “Pocholo”, who would be the leader of the criminal structure.

“Pocholo was in charge of recruiting new members in the metropolitan area of ​​the Aburrá Valley in order to indoctrinate them in extortion and money collection in the subregion of northeastern Antioquia, especially in the municipalities of Cisneros, Remedios and Santo Domingo,” the Antioquia Police reported in a bulletin.

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As a method of intimidation, they added, this criminal group used the launching of explosive devices and shooting at the facades of commercial establishments from whom they demanded payments of up to $50 million.

Although this is a blow to illegality in this subregion of the department, Security remains the main concern for residents of the northeastwhich have been in the midst of a battle for years for control of illegal mining, extortion and drug trafficking between different armed groups such as the Clan del Golfo, the FARC dissidents and the ELN.

Last week, in a confrontation between these groups At least 13 members of the Gulf Clan died whoAccording to the communities that are threatened daily, rural schools are already being used as camps and trenches.

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On the other hand, these police operations are not only taking place in the northeast of the department. This Monday the police also reported the capture of the head of hitmen and the person in charge of finances of a criminal structure in the southwest.

The authorities captured a man known as “Gonzalito” in flagrante delicto, who would be the leader of hitmen from the Southwest Substructure, in charge of order and execute homicides in the municipalities of Urrao, Betulia and Concordia. Along with him, a woman known as “Deisy” was captured, who was in charge of paying payroll to the members of the Substructure.

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