Other similar events such as that of the young German Julia Horn

Making a few stories of some more outstanding events, which kept in suspense, for several days, in the province of San Juan and which practically mobilized various sections of the San Juan Police (Montada, GERAS, Canes among other individuals), as happened first with the disappearance and subsequent death of the German tourist Julia Horn.

It is also important to mention other events such as the one that happened 15 years ago, with two workers from a cable channel company who were in charge of orienting and calibrating an antenna, where one of the workers died after falling into a 50 meter deep ravine. depth or the case of the mountaineer who survived 11 days lost in the area of Sierra Girl 23 years ago.

Cable channel workers

In the area where the body of the German tourist was sighted, near the El Zonda racetrackalmost 15 years ago (November 20, 2009), an important police and logistics operation was also mounted in the area known as Sierra Chica de Zondain the department Rivadaviawhen a worker died after falling into a ravine 30 meters deep, at first and then falling again to another almost similar distance, where he died as a result of the blows.

While his companion, while trying to help him, also suffered a fall into the void, but was able to communicate thanks to the satellite phone he was carrying and alert the police, from where an impressive rescue effort was mounted, which also took several man hours to rescue him. .

In that opportunity, Jose Luis Acosta (46), died as a result of falling into the void, while his partner, Hugo Walter Rodriguez (40), came out alive and was able to be rescued, completely dehydrated and with just a few scratches.

The rescue of Acosta’s body was delayed taking into account the complicated and inaccessible nature of the place. At first they tried to take it down through the autodrome, but it was not possible and they opted for the longest and safest route, which was through “The Cable Rail” and it happened a day later.

Eleven days lost

Another important police search and rescue deployment was mounted 23 years ago, when they went out to look for the mountaineer. Guillermo Peralta. This man got lost in April 2001 in Cerro Blanco, in the Zonda department, and mobilized several security forces from the province, including Provincial Aeronautics Directorate, the Fire Department, Gendarmerie, the Army, individuals and members of the Andino Mercedario Club, as happened in this case in the search for the German tourist Julia Horn.

The mountaineer could only be rescued alive after 11 days of searching at about 4,500 meters above sea level, in a crevice at least 15 meters deep.

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