New Tucurinca health center to serve more than 11 thousand people exceeds 16% progress

New Tucurinca health center to serve more than 11 thousand people exceeds 16% progress
New Tucurinca health center to serve more than 11 thousand people exceeds 16% progress

The project is part of the renovation of the hospital infrastructure that former governor Carlos Caicedo designed and financed. This work, thanks to the fact that the Change Continues with Rafael Martínez, is being carried out at a good pace and will have a great impact in continuing to close the gaps that prevailed in the department until 2020 and that deprived thousands of access to medical services in this territory. , peoples that politicking uses during electoral times but that are always forgotten when they are in power.

The dream of the inhabitants of the town of Tucurinca in the municipality of Zona Bananera of having a decent Health Center, with modern facilities and that meets all the conditions required to provide a good service, is one step away from become a reality, thanks to the management of former governor Carlos Caicedo and the continuity of the current president of Magdalenenses, Rafael Martínez.

This health center is one of the twelve new healthcare infrastructures being built in the department, thanks to the fact that during the previous period it was possible to design and leave the resources assigned to nine health centers (La China, Chibolo; Monterrubio, Sabanas de San Ángel; Santa Inés, Tenerife; Barro Blanco, Santa Ana; Palermo, Sitionuevo; La Pacha, San Sebastián and Tucurinca, Zona Bananera) and the three hospitals of El Retén, San Zenón and Pijiño del Carmen. Thanks to the Governments of Change, these territories will no longer have dilapidated buildings as a result of the clans’ abandonment of the hospital network.

Since bad administrations never intervened in this medical center but instead subjected it to apathy, former Governor Caicedo prioritized it to be built, allocating an investment of more than $1.5 billion pesos. The new care area will have a modern procedure room, laboratory, sample room, cervical and gynecology sampling, dentistry, technical and electrical rooms, among other spaces.

“This work was absolutely necessary for all the inhabitants of Tucurinca, it is pleasant to see how it materializes today thanks to all the management of the Governments of Change, we are convinced that more works will continue to dignify the lives of the people of Magdalen. This project has been carried out hand in hand with the community through the Popular Committee that is attentive to transmit what they observe, this has awakened a sense of belonging in the community” said Eliecer Peñaranda, manager of the ESE Hospital Local Bananera Zone.

To date, the health center is more than 16% complete; activities have been carried out such as casting the 18 columns required by the structure, the steel was adapted to cast the aerial beams, the installation of pipes, the surface of the land was is completely filled, this work is expected to be delivered in the month of June as stipulated.

With these investments, the Government of Magdalena seeks to reduce inequality gaps and access to medical services, through the improvement of the public health network, with modern spaces that guarantee and provide decent health services.

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