With the cutting of the ribbons, the Nationals began in Corrientes

With the cutting of the ribbons, the Nationals began in Corrientes
With the cutting of the ribbons, the Nationals began in Corrientes

With the swearing in of the National Braford Calf Exhibition and the cutting of the ribbons, this Monday the Santander edition National Championships began at the Sociedad Rural de Corrientes.

The event organized with the strength of Expoagro and with the support of the Government of the province of Corrientes has a sample of the best genetics for livestock farming in Northern Argentina, and until Friday will offer different activities for the livestock producer.

After the singing of the Argentine National Anthem, the CEO of Exponenciar, Martín Schvartzman, was the first in the speeches. The executive of the company organizing the Nationals initially requested a minute of silence for the recent death of the president of the Argentine Agrarian Federation, Carlos Achetoni. Then, he thanked the Corrientes Rural Society, highlighting the property; to the associations of the Braford, Brangus, Brahman and Hampshire Down breeds “for allowing Expoagro to contribute with its experience in assembly, in the commercial framework and communication; It is an example of how we can work together. Thank you for trusting in the strength of Expoagro«

Schvartzman also thanked the consignee houses that will carry out the auctions, Colombo and Magliano, O’Farrell and Sáenz Valiente Bullrich at the National Exhibitions, as well as those that will do so in televised winter auctions that will be held at the event: UMC and Haciendas Villaguay and the Rosgan.

Likewise, Schvartzman also thanked the visits of the presidents of the Argentine Rural Society and CRA and welcomed Banco Santander “for trusting and giving a name to this livestock event,” while maintaining: “I don’t want to forget the Banco de Corrientes for joining us every year.

The Exponenciar representative had special gratitude to the national government. «Thanks to Juan Pazo for coming and accompanying us with his team, but, fundamentally, thanks for de-bureaucratizing, simplifying agricultural activity, for eliminating quotas; In short, for giving us hope.”

Finally, Schvartzman especially thanked the Government of Corrientes. “More than partners, a fundamental pillar for holding this exhibition. For implementing policies for the sector that translate into better genetics, greater production and innovation. These policies result in two world congresses being held in the last two years: the Braford World Congress in 2022 and the Brangus World Congress in 2023,” he recalled.

For his part, Juan Pazo, Secretary of Planning and Management for the Productive Development and Bioeconomy of the Nation, maintained that “our presence at this meeting, as President Javier Milei said on Friday in La Rural, is an example of support for a sector that we consider vital for our country.” In this regard, the national official considered that “the Nationals are a sample of our best traditions. Productive tradition meets innovation and the future. “This Government works with the sole objective of promoting production, encouraging innovation and boosting investment.”

Likewise, Pazo pointed out that “we are working to free the productive forces. As soon as we arrived, we eliminated the resolution that prevented the export of the seven cuts of meat so that all Argentine products can gain international markets; we also opened meat exports to the United States and Colombia for beef and the Israeli market for beef and sheep cuts with bone; and we made the decision to expand the supply of vaccines against foot and mouth disease to generate savings for 200 thousand livestock producers and not depend on a single laboratory. No. “We are irresponsible. We do not want to neglect the macroeconomy of a country that was punished by harmful and demagogic policies, therefore, all the steps we take are careful and very well thought out.”

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