The fight between Macri and Bullrich unleashed a total war within the PRO

The fight between Macri and Bullrich unleashed a total war within the PRO
The fight between Macri and Bullrich unleashed a total war within the PRO

“Explain to me because shit he did an act two days after I took office the presidency of the party.” Mauricio Macri said the phrase to a group of collaborators when he explained the reasons for the strong political move to take the reins of the Buenos Aires PRO. The fact is that Patricia Bullrich’s act with Sebastián Pareja, key figure in the assembly of Freedom Advances In the Buenos Aires suburbs, the former president fell badly. When Macri saw the photo of the two of them together he understood that he had to react so that the merger with the ruling party did not occur under the conditions that Bullrich proposed.

For that reason the play was all or nothing. He ordered the party to be emptied with the resignation of 24 of the 33 members of leadership, to force the current president, Daniela Reich, to step aside so that a new leadership can assume, headed by deputy Cristian Ritondo. The first has already happened. The second thing is to be seen. The next step is for the head of the assembly to call elections. The owner is Néstor Grindetti, today a key official of Jorge Macri.

Patricia Bullrich counterattacks in the Province of Buenos Aires and launches “Pro-Libertad”

In this way, the negotiation bridges between Macri and his former minister ended up blowing up. In the middle, they forced all the party leaders – and especially those from Buenos Aires – to take sides. “They are killing us. What was already chaos now has an extra chapter. We don’t really know how it will end. Think that we have mayoralties with councilors who respond to one or the other. So the mayors don’t want this to escalate like this because everyone is within reach of the quilombo in their municipalities,” a “neutral” told PROFILE.

Authoritarians don’t like this

The practice of professional and critical journalism is a fundamental pillar of democracy. That is why it bothers those who believe they are the owners of the truth.

Given this situation, the dispute continued in the media. Bullrich said he couldn’t waste “not even two minutes inside,” although her team recognizes that she is “obsessed” with the merger with Javier Milei. “The event was a success. She is used to playing like this. It is her ideal field,” one of her advisors exclaimed. In the other side, Ritondo went to the bone. He recommended that he join the libertarian party as a personal decision, outside the PRO. “He was already with everyone. Let him go with Milei whitening the situation and that’s it,” they added to this medium, knowing that this is not going to happen since Bullrich considers that the party cannot remain in the middle, when the 2025 legislative election will be libertarian or Peronist. “If we stay In the middle, we are fried,” they warn.

New support from Macri to Milei for the Bases Law and pressure on Congress: “The time we have is not infinite”

Macri’s biggest anger comes because he considers that Bullrich wants to manage the game for him -something he can’t stand- and because he believes he is giving himself into Milei’s hands prematurely. The suspicion is that she is negotiating the lists with Karina MileiSecretary General of the Presidency, and weaving agreements to harvest the main spaces when the time comes for “electoral convergence”, as Diego Santilli defined it. At that point, those around Bullrich make fun of observing a Ritondo who talks about maintaining the identity of the PRO despite having gone to Luna Park to listen to Milei with the rest of the cabinet. He was with Santilli, Alejandro Finocchiaro and Hernán Lombardi, among others.


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