National University Radio Festival concluded in Holguín

National University Radio Festival concluded in Holguín
National University Radio Festival concluded in Holguín

With the granting of the Grand Prize to the “Informative UHO” program of the University of Holguín, the 14th edition of the National University Radio Festival concluded, which took place for four days in the Cuban city of parks.

At the closing gala, the jury, made up of 15 media professionals with Lázaro Chian Macate as honorary president, awarded eight categories and awarded six collateral prizes.

“In Loud Voice”, a work by the University of Medical Sciences of the province of Santiago de Cuba by the director Luis Antonio Valido, was recognized in the category of “Special Topics”, for disseminating the activities and processes that the students develop during the school periods. students in their houses of higher education.

Likewise, in “Informative Programs” the UHO Newscast of the University of Holguín was awarded by Dalia Maris Monetero García, while in “Variety Programs” it was awarded to “Science in the Naked” of the University of Moa by Raciel Rojas.

The rise in social networks of the radio medium in the last decade was present in “Producciones para Internet”, where the work “Holguín en pregones” received the award from the University of Holguín by the director Herick Valiente Fernández Durán.

The best male and female utterances were also recognized, where first place was occupied by Frank Ernesto Riverón and Katherin Moran Barnet respectively, both from the University of Holguín.

The XIV edition of the National University Radio Festival was dedicated to the memory of Manuel Porto Sánchez, National Radio and Television Award winner; to the 102nd anniversaries of the Cuban Radio and the FEU of Cuba, to the 94th birth of José Antonio Echeverría, to the XII Congress of the UJC, also to the 88th and 27th anniversaries of the founding of the radio stations Radio Angulo and Radio Holguín, respectively.

With information from Sheyla Díaz Figueras/ACN

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