When will it be and which branches will be affected

When will it be and which branches will be affected
When will it be and which branches will be affected

In turn, he indicated that the workers’ claim is due to budget cuts that impact the service and that supplies are lacking. The railway unionist highlighted that The strike will be nationwide, so long-distance trains would also be affected by the forceful measure.

Maturano highlighted that the railway joint ventures were not closed “due to the difference between the percentages of the proposed salary recomposition with respect to inflation.”

Another issue that the union leader emphasized is the 59% cut in the budget: “There is no investment or policy for the railway mode. We work without inputs, sometimes tying some objects with wire and that’s how we get out with the trains. And I would give it a synonym, that we are working with low safety conditions,” he said in dialogue with the A24 channel.

Maturano, in addition, was against the privatization of the railway companies, although he hinted that the union’s opposition is not against the concession of the service.

“How far are we from a new privatization? Well, privatization and concession are two different words. Privatization is directly selling, selling the railway land, selling the infrastructure, selling the training, and that’s it, whoever buys that, He does not buy it for the railroad or for the company for the service, but rather he buys it for the real estate business, that is clear,” he said.

Maturano also alleged that “the concession is something else because it does not sell the sovereignty, it does not sell the lands, and you only have to provide the service that a regulatory body must impose on you and it must depend on the National State, giving concessions, advertising and all that.” .

The measure of strength of The Fraternity It will be the second in the yearsince on February 21 there was a total stoppage of activities also to obtain an improvement in salaries.

INADI workers will concentrate on rejecting the more than 160 layoffs

Workers of the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI) They called a rally to reject the more than 160 dismissals accumulated by the organization, next Tuesday the 28th.

Under the premise of “raising our voice against hatred and discrimination,” the employees who were displaced from their jobs called for “a vigil,” through their social network account X (@unidxsporinadi), where they will denounce “the emptying of of public policies within the Institute.”

“Without workers there is no INADI, without INADI there is no democracy. It is time to remember the importance and value of each of us in the defense of Human Rights. Let’s not let them take them from us,” they say from the publication.

The invitation to the day of “fight” is extended to any citizen who wants to join in “sharing an afternoon with snacks, good music and the support of everyone,” to “defend the achievements and resist injustice.”

The meeting will start at 3:30 p.m. on Av. De Mayo 1401, to ask that the organization “not be closed”, that the dismissed employees be reinstated and also in rejection of the Bases Law.

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