Cauca: Army colonel is being investigated for alleged abandonment of his position

Cauca: Army colonel is being investigated for alleged abandonment of his position
Cauca: Army colonel is being investigated for alleged abandonment of his position

The National Army began a prior inspection against Colonel Suárez after learning that, without permission or authorization, would have traveled outside his jurisdiction to attend a musical event in Cali. This fact has been corroborated by a video in which he is seen accompanied by an intelligence officer with whom, it is rumored, he has an extramarital relationship. In addition, there are reports indicating that Suárez would have returned drunk to his command post on more than one occasion.

The situation is alarming due to the security crisis that Cauca is going through. In the last weeks, The municipalities of Morales and Toribío have been the scene of intense fighting between dissident factions of the FARC, resulting in the death of several civilians and uniformed personnel, in addition to the destruction of property. In this context, the military forces have intensified their operations to contain the violence, while local communities remain in a state of constant fear.

Colonel Suárez’s attitude provoked indignation among his colleagues, who say they feel abandoned in the middle of a crucial campaign against illegal armed groups. A soldier, who preferred not to be identified, said: “While we are 100% committed to the operations, the colonel spends his time escaping at night“.

The Minister of Defense, Iván Velásquez declared that there will be no ceasefire with the FARC dissidents as long as they continue their attacks against the civilian population and security forces.. He also stressed the need to transform conditions in Cauca, ensuring that the government will work to improve the material situation of the department in collaboration with other government entities.

For his part, the commander of the Military Forces, General Helder Giraldo, highlighted the continuous efforts to combat illicit economies that finance armed groups, such as drug trafficking and illegal mining. “We are making efforts with the police and one of the effects of these actions is what is occurring in the Caucano territory and in the Valley, in retaliation to the actions of the authorities“Giraldo stated.

In response to the accusations, Colonel Suárez told the media that he is cooperating with the investigation and that he trusts that the authorities will clarify the situation. “No problem, everything is being done according to protocol. They will verify me and realize the truth“Suárez commented in a brief statement to the media.

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