More than 30 people prosecuted for poaching mining in Camagüey

More than 30 people prosecuted for poaching mining in Camagüey
More than 30 people prosecuted for poaching mining in Camagüey

Nine people were prosecuted in Camagüey for “acts against natural and economic resources” related to poaching mining.

According to the information offered by the Presidency of the Popular Provincial Court, and reflected by the website Cubadebate, More than 30 people were involved in these events to whom “the criminal measures were applied, in accordance with the personal characteristics of each accused, the social harmfulness of the events, whether they are primary, repeat offenders or multiple repeat offenders, plus the social conduct in the area of ​​residence.

The media adds that these measures are included in the new Cuban Penal Code and establish sanctions of deprivation of liberty, from six months to two years, or fines of 200 to 500 quotas or both, although the publication does not provide details about the sentence applied to each participant.

Cuban authorities call to confront illegal gold mining in Ciego de Ávila

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The report highlights that a type of “gold rush” has been identified in that territory, in addition to the human risk involved in the practice of poaching mining, based on the violation of regulations on the prevention of natural resources and the negative impact on the locations where the processing is carried out.

Regarding this last aspect, it points out the danger that emanates from the use of chemical products such as mercury, “cause of severe effects on groundwater and reservoirs for human consumption and crop planting.”

The phenomenon has also had negative consequences for the economy, reflected in the Camagüey Geomining Company due to the environmental impact due to illegal extractions originating from the San Jacinto mine, the focus of this problem in Camagüey territory.

Cuba: gold deposit in Camagüey is being studied for future exploitation

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The reservoir, located in Loma de Jacinto (about 30 kilometers from the town of Guáimaro) is the second largest gold concentration in the country due to its magnitude.

As of December 2021, about 10 veins had been identified at the site, three of them with the possibility of extracting a metal with few impurities, something that would give greater value to the product.

Specialists then value at least 7.6 tons as a proven or probable reserve, which once exploited could represent the injection of about 200 million dollars to the Cuban economy, not counting the feasibility and extraction costs.

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