Bridges of love delivers donations to Holguín and eastern provinces

Bridges of love delivers donations to Holguín and eastern provinces
Bridges of love delivers donations to Holguín and eastern provinces

Representatives of the American organizations Puentes de Amor and Codepink tour the eastern region of Cuba with a new solidarity effort, specifically intended for the public health sector.

In statements to Prensa Latina via Internet, after his arrival in the eastern province of Granma, the coordinator of Puentes de Amor, Carlos Lazo, explained that on this occasion the donation consists of five thousand 500 pounds of powdered milk.

It is intended for the pediatric hospitals in the provinces of Las Tunas and Granma, as well as the “Modesto Fornaris Ochoa” Psychopedagogical Medical Center, in Holguín.

This institution of the National Health System has been providing medical, psycho-pedagogical, and rehabilitation care to people with intellectual disabilities for more than four decades.

The center, the only one of its kind in the province and the largest in the country, houses 120 residents and 65 daytime disabled people, with 209 workers.

It also has the highest enrollment and residents of 13 provinces in the country.

Lazo also indicated that the donation is the result of the contribution of Cuban emigrants, North Americans and people from other various regions of the world, united by the love of Cuba and he thanked all those who contributed.

These three locations are the only ones missing to complete the delivery of powdered milk to hospitals in the 15 provinces of this Caribbean nation, Lazo stressed.

“We know that this is a grain of sand in a sea of ​​needs, but from granite to granite a bridge is built,” Lazo declared in a recent publication on the social network Facebook.

Puentes de Amor, along with Codepink and others, is one of the most active organizations in the fight against the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the US government for more than six decades.

Likewise, they raise their voices for Cuba to be removed from the United States government’s unilateral and arbitrary list of countries that sponsor terrorism.

With information from the Cuban News Agency

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