What will happen to the catalog and its subscribers after the end of the platform? — Future Chile

A few weeks ago, he was informed through his social networks and by email to his subscribers that the Star+ platform will no longer work in Chile. From July 24 of this year, this streaming system can be used and it will migrate to Disney+ with all its content.

This will cause a new Disney+ on June 26 that will expand the offer and add what is seen on Star+ and ESPN sports.

Regarding subscribers, those with direct billing can access the app with the same account that is already used. The idea is that in a few weeks the contents of productions such as Star Wars, National Geographic or Marvel will coexist.

Closing of Star+ in Chile: What will happen to subscribers and its catalog?

And what will happen to prices and plans in Chile? “Starting June 26, consumers will be able to choose between three Disney+ subscription plans: Premium, Standard and Standard with ads,” the platform states on its official website.


Thus, from the aforementioned date new plans will be made. For now, the known options are detailed in the following image, although the cost or types of plans could vary if the billing is done by a third party as published by ADN.cl.


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