These are the two points that will be unified in the peace process between the Government and the ELN

These are the two points that will be unified in the peace process between the Government and the ELN
These are the two points that will be unified in the peace process between the Government and the ELN


Caracol Radio learned that the delegations of the Colombian Government and the ELN They will unify two points on the agenda of the negotiation process. Point 2: Democracy for Peace and the 3: Transformations for Peace, in just one to advance the conversations.

What are the objectives and actions of the points that will be unified?

Point 2: Democracy for Peace

Its objective is to advance a dialogue between various social actors and identify and examine the main problems that are the cause of the political, social, environmental and armed conflict to formulate comprehensive solutions.

These are your actions:

Review and encourage stake and the decisions of society in the problems that affect it and that can materialize in effective public policy instruments in the urban and rural territories.

Browse from a democratic perspectivethe economic model, the political regime and the doctrines that prevent unity and national reconciliation.

Evaluate the treatment given to political, social and environmental conflicts based on the construction of peace.

Review the regulatory framework and guarantees for public demonstrationand the treatment of the legal situation of those accused and convicted in the development of the mobilization and social protest.

Encourage the participation of society in the construction of citizen power.

Point 3: Transformations for Peace

This point aims to agree policies and a comprehensive plan transformations through the implementation of specific national and territorial projects, with the participation of society, that makes a viable Colombia in peace, in democracy, sovereign, with equity and social justice, where the use of weapons becomes unnecessary to prevent these changes.

These transformations according to the agenda of the peace process and agreed upon between the parties include the following:

Proposals prepared by society and supported by the results of the point 2 of the agenda (Democracy for peace).

Public policies aimed at overcoming the poverty, social exclusion, corruption and environmental degradationin search of equity.

Comprehensive alternative development plans in urban and rural territories, including life plans and ethnodevelopment plans that constitute economic, productive and sustainable options for the benefit of communities.

Policies, plans and programs that overcome the historical agrarian conflict, related to environmental and territorial planning aimed at the sustainable and productive recovery of urban and rural territories, the restoration and protection of the land.

Social pacts that consolidate agreements and pedagogy and communication towards a culture of peace.

He comprehensive transformation plan It will be articulated and harmonized with national development plans.

At their meeting in Caracas, Venezuela, the parties in negotiation They agreed that these two points will now be addressed as one and in this way advance the agreements even further. This is how Pablo Beltrán, head of the ELN delegation, explains it.

Point two and point three are going to be organized, we are going to unify them. There are many diagnoses of the changes that Colombia needs, we are going to take them into account. And the important thing is that there is a transformation agenda and to help structure a political and social alliance to carry out these changes”.

Let us remember that this peace process between Colombian government and the ELN has defined six points on the agenda and in 18 months of negotiation, 28 agreements have already been reached.

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