Preparations begin for the XXII Geology Conference

Preparations begin for the XXII Geology Conference
Preparations begin for the XXII Geology Conference

May 27, 2024 – 18:26

As the date chosen for its completion approaches, the organizational details for the XXII Geology Conference of Catamarca, to take place between June 3 and 7 with headquarters in the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences of the National University of Catamarca (UNCA).

Organized by the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences of the National University of Catamarca (UNCA), through the Department of Geology and the Group of Geology Students, they are held every year in commemoration of the National Geologist’s Day, constituting a space of interaction and dialogue, aimed at enriching perspectives, fostering debates and exchanging research experiences, with the aim of promoting new knowledge in the geological field.

In this edition, in addition to the interesting proposal of dissertations, debates and workshops, there will be tables for the presentation of work by students and professionals. Furthermore, in another new development, this time it is also planned to hold the 1st Business and Institutional Fair.

Declared of academic and parliamentary interest by the Chamber of Deputies, on this occasion they will be held in tribute to the geologists Martha Ubaldini de Giménez and Hugo Giménez. Through them they seek to encourage the exchange of ideas, enrich perspectives, promote the discussion of daily practices and exchange experiences for the construction of new geological knowledge.

The Geology Conferences represent the opportune space to highlight the scientific and technical contributions that, as a result of research and development activities, are carried out in the Department of Geology of the Faculty of Technology and Applied Sciences of the UNCA.

Participation may be carried out through oral in-person presentations and in the form of synchronous virtual in-person presentations, exclusively for students and professionals who do not reside in Catamarca.

In both cases, the submission of summaries is required, which will be refereed by an evaluation committee, accepting up to two papers per author. To do this, two initial dialogue tables will be formed, one of students and the other of professionals.

The I° Business and Institutional Fair is taking place this year in order to offer a space for dissemination to companies in the public and private spheres. For a full day, companies will have the opportunity to present their products, services and activities at a stand. The exact date is being confirmed, but it is expected to be a unique opportunity to promote yourself in the academic field.

It should be noted that the organizing committee of the XXII Geology Conference is made up of students, teachers and researchers: Victoria Arévalo, Matías Rasjido, Marcela Varela, Elisa Achá, Rafael Furque, Italo Francile, Malvina Serra and Susan Córdoba.

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Preparations begin for the XXII Geology Conference

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