ICT Summit Colombia 2024: epicenter of the ICT industry

The ICT Summit Colombia 2024 event will bring together the most important players in the ICT industry in Bogotá. This event will offer a platform to share experiences and discuss the latest trends and best practices in systems, network infrastructure and data centers.

ICT Summit Colombia 2024: An unmissable event for the ICT industry

The ICT Summit Colombia 2024 will take place in the Agora Convention Center in Bogotá between May 28 and 29. This event, supported by the global organization BICSI, plans to bring together more than 500 people per day, including end users and decision makers in the technology area. With a commercial exhibition of globally recognized brands, discussion panels, networking spaces and academic conferences, the ICT Summit Colombia 2024 is positioned as a key event for the ICT industry.

Juan Pablo BorrayBusiness Development Manager for LATAM in Panduitcommented: ‘The ICT Summit Colombia 2024 is a unique opportunity to discuss and evaluate the latest developments in the ICT industry and plan the infrastructures of the future.’


Challenges and opportunities in the era of artificial intelligence

As enterprise campuses, buildings and cities become smarter through automation and network convergence, facilities managers face challenges in planning wiring and device infrastructure capabilities to meet new demands, including artificial intelligence. The ICT Summit will address these challenges and opportunities, highlighting the growing demand for bandwidth and the need for efficient power for networked devices.

The event will feature the participation of prominent spokespersons from the sector such as Paul F. Weintraubhead of international business at Superior Essex Communicationsand Jonathan Yewmember of the board of directors of the Telecommunications Industry Association (AUNT). These experts will discuss the future of data centers based on artificial intelligence, networks for smart buildings and the new capabilities of copper and fiber optic cabling.

Innovations and advances in ICT technologies

One of the main topics of the event will be the implementation of solutions such as Power over Ethernet (PoE), which offers an efficient way to supply power and data through the same cable, facilitating installation and reducing costs. In addition, topics such as the implementation of PoE++ and its 90 watt capacities will be addressed, driven by the trend towards smarter and more energy efficient buildings that revolve around the mass adoption of IoT technologies.

Spaces for networking and knowledge exchange

The ICT Summit Colombia 2024 will not only be a space for commercial exhibition and academic conferences, but also for networking and knowledge exchange. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with industry experts, share experiences and discuss the latest trends and best practices in ICT infrastructure design and installation.

Jonathan Yew highlighted: ‘The ICT Summit Colombia 2024 provides a unique platform for ICT industry professionals to meet, share knowledge and discuss the latest innovations and challenges in the sector.’

The ICT Summit Colombia 2024 is emerging as a fundamental event for the ICT industry, offering a platform for the discussion and evaluation of the latest trends and best practices in systems, network infrastructure and data centers. With the participation of prominent experts and the presence of globally recognized brands, this event promises to be a key meeting point for technology professionals in Latin America.

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