payment facilities, 50% reduction and costs in Bogotá

payment facilities, 50% reduction and costs in Bogotá
payment facilities, 50% reduction and costs in Bogotá

The Security Secretariat of Bogotá has implemented a new option to pay summonses for behaviors contrary to coexistence, using the virtual platform:

This new system allows citizens pay your fines through PSEavoiding long lines at banks.

So far this year, they have imposed more than 165,000 summonses for violations such as payment evasion on public transportcarrying sharp weapons and fights.

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Those who do not pay these summonses they wont be able contract with State entities, nor carry out procedures before the Chamber of Commerce.

César Restrepo, Secretary of Security of Bogotá, commented: “The PSE button on the LICO platform facilitates compliance with sanctions and contributes to better coexistence in the city.”

Citizens who pay their fines within five business days They will receive a 50% discount. In addition, there are options to pay with community actions, such as cleaning streams or painting parks.

Subpoena costs

  • Type 1: Do not pick up pet waste: $86,666.
  • Type 2: Generate quarrels: $173,333.
  • Type 3: Physical aggression: $346,666.
  • Type 4: Washing goods in public spaces: $693,333.

What would be the most common summonses issued in Colombia?

The Automotive Diagnostic Center of Cúcuta (CEDAC), attached to the National Government, explains the most common violations committed by drivers in Colombian territory, According to what was stated they would be:


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