The app that sells more than $300,000 million a year in hamburgers in Colombia

The app that sells more than $300,000 million a year in hamburgers in Colombia
The app that sells more than $300,000 million a year in hamburgers in Colombia

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After the success of Burger Master that between the end of April and the beginning of May, sold 2.9 million hamburgers for about $60,000 millionthe country is preparing to celebrate this Tuesday, May 28, World Hamburger Day.

For this date, events and festivals in different places around the world to celebrate this popular dish. The most accepted versions suggest that the hamburger originated in the United States at the end of the 19th century, and with growing popularity it became a benchmark for fast food.

In accordance with Rappi on the weekend is when the most burgers are ordered. Colombians placed more than 750,000 orders on Sundays last year, making this the favorite day of the week to order a hamburger, followed by Saturday with about 720,000 orders and Friday with about 660,000 orders on average.

In the last year, Colombians ordered more than 5.26 million hamburgers through Rappiwith an average value per order close to $58,000, with which sales for that product totaled around $305,499 million

Application data indicates that the double hamburger is the most requested, With more than 875,000 orders during the year, the double option is positioned as the most requested by Colombians, above options such as the simple burger or the vegetarian option, which accounted for more than 15,000 orders.

In front of the accompaniments, Potatoes are the favorite option of Colombians with 645,951 orders placed, followed by the addition of combo with over 245,000 orders and hot dog in third place with over 91,000 orders. At dessert time, ice cream and brownies are the favorite dishes of thousands of people, with more than 5,911 and 5,554 respectively.

The Cities in Colombia where the most orders are made by Rappi for this dish are: Bogotá, with more than 1.91 million orders, followed by Medellín with about 1.28 million and in third place is Cali with an average of 375,000 hamburger orders.

The application data also confirms that the time of day when the most hamburgers are ordered in Colombia is 8:00 at night, with an average of 650,000 orders over the last year.

For its part, another app of homesDiDi Food, will join the commemoration of this date by offering promotions starting at $16,900.

For this application, currently the hamburger is the second most ordered food category. In addition, users have at their disposal more than 1,600 restaurants that include hamburgers on their menus, demonstrating the extensive range of businesses that are available with just one click. An aspect that reiterates DiDi Food’s promise of value in offering a wide variety of dishes for all types of cravings and for every day.

In addition to this, it was found that the time in which users most order this dish through the app It is between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm and the days of the week with the highest demand are Saturdays and Sundays; and, as a curious fact, this year it was recorded that in a single order a user ordered 30 cheeseburgers.

“Just as there are various types of hamburgers and ways to prepare them in the world, DiDi Food offers all kinds of options for all tastes and budgets through the app. That is why we join this celebration with attractive promotions and, in this way, fulfill the cravings of thousands of Colombians who we know are lovers of this food,” commented Priscila Sandí, Communications Manager for DiDi Food in Colombia.

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