Let him go and join La Libertad Avanza

Let him go and join La Libertad Avanza
Let him go and join La Libertad Avanza

In that uncomfortable place where the PRO was left are those, led by the Minister of National Security, Patricia Bullrich, who openly encourage a merger with the ruling party, and those who intend to “accompany from the outside.”

In this last group are Mauricio Macri and Cristian Ritondo, among others. In fact, the national deputy yesterday harshly attacked the former presidential candidate.

Those who believe that the PRO has to be from La Libertad Avanza should go to La Libertad Avanza. Let her leave and join La Libertad Avanza, if she wants there is no problem. It is a personal decision, like when he made the personal decision to go to the Government,” Ritondo shot in TN.

And he continued: “she is no longer the president of the PRO, the president is Macri. I think she is the best Minister of Security that Argentina can have, but the PRO is something else. 22 years ago we founded the PRO and built a party with a management idea that has been opposing Kirchnerism for 22 years. We want to continue supporting that identity.”.

The relationship between the PRO and LLA went through different periods, it was established at the beginning of the administration but slowly it was diluted. Near Milei they look with distrust at the “yellows”, while the PRO linked to Macri aims only at an electoral alliance, measuring the costs and benefits of the libertarian’s management.

Bullirch, already integrated into the Government, is working to achieve a union between both spaces, increasingly closer to Milei and further away from Macri, whom she considers a stage passed and by whom she felt betrayed in the last elections.


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