They performed unprecedented pituitary surgeries in the region

They performed unprecedented pituitary surgeries in the region
They performed unprecedented pituitary surgeries in the region

Doctors from the Coyhaique Hospital and the Dr. Alfonso Asenjo Neurosurgery Institute performed two operations.

Two unprecedented Pituitary surgeries, highly complex interventions with successful results, were performed for the first time in the main health center of the Aysenina healthcare network.

The interventions were carried out by Dr. Nicole Loyola, a neurosurgeon at the Coyhaique Regional Hospital, who after completing internships at the Dr. Alfonso Asenjo Neurosurgery Institute (INCA), was trained to perform these surgeries locally, accompanied in this first instance by specialists. David Rojas (neurosurgeon) and Matías Gómez (otolaryngologist) from their training center.

Érica Gallardo was the first patient to receive the surgery, who felt grateful to be able to perform the intervention locally, at the Coyhaique Regional Hospital and not have to travel to other healthcare centers in the country.

“When the doctor told me that professionals were going to come so that I wouldn’t leave, I found it spectacular because it is a way to enhance the region, to give a patient the opportunity to grow, because many people told me, hey, Don’t stay here, go outside. And because? Yes, we have a professional here,” said Érica Gallardo.

Previously, those who needed to perform these surgeries were referred or transferred to Puerto Montt or Santiago, since until now they were not resolved locally at the Coyhaique Regional Hospital, which Dr. Nicole Loyola appreciated. “It is a GES pathology, therefore, it has deadlines and the Ministry’s goals are to be able to resolve them and until now everything had to be done outside the region,” she indicated.

The professional added: “locally we win in the sense that uprooting does not occur, patients can be resolved here, not having to move, we all know the cost, not only economic, but also in the family, in what “It means for patients. The idea is to avoid it and do everything here.”

Matías Gómez, an otorhinolaryngologist from INCA who was part of the team that carried out the operation, expressed that it was an honor and a pride to accompany Dr. Loyola in performing the first cases of this complex surgery.

“We believe that after his training he can adequately resolve, with the necessary safety, the patients of the region here, at the Coyhaique Regional Hospital,” he indicated.

In addition, the professional valued the human and technical team that will allow these surgical procedures to be performed at the Regional Hospital.

“These types of surgeries are performed with a surgical team that is complex and complete, consisting of a neurosurgeon, an otolaryngologist, an anesthetist with experience in neuroanesthesia, a good ICU, intensive care services, and this can be done here by the colleagues who participated with us. in the operation to be able to carry out a safe surgery,” he said.

David Rojas, INCA neurosurgeon, spoke about the internship carried out by Dr. Nicole Loyola, which allowed the Coyhaique Hospital to gain in decisiveness.

“These types of things have to expand nationally. I think that it’s a great initiative. We support and are willing to do so as many times as necessary,” she concluded.

The team of doctors who carried out the surgeries. Credit: Aysén Health Service.

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