A new edition of the Usina cycle will be held in Peña

A new edition of the Usina cycle will be held in Peña
A new edition of the Usina cycle will be held in Peña

On Friday, May 31, a proposal of music, dance, meeting and learning will begin at the La Vieja Usina provincial center in Paraná. The activity will be free and will begin at 7 p.m.

The Secretariat of Culture of Entre Ríos, in coordination with cultural managers and makers of the city, launches a new edition of Usina en Peña. It will be held at the La Vieja Usina de Paraná Cultural and Convention Center.

Among the objectives of the proposal, coordinated by the dance teacher and cultural manager, Natalia Varon, are the creation of an artistic corridor of the folkloric festive genre that enhances collective and solidarity work. It also aims to encourage meeting, learning and recreation, and to publicize and make visible the work of various schools, companies and dance groups, among others.

This cultural project has the vision of leading a transformation based on the idea of ​​collective work between various dance groups, musicians, and micro-entrepreneurial artists. The provincial State also promotes the cycle as a tool of economic aid to the traditional dance sector, making available the building, sound, lights, room, and furniture to hold the event with free admission for the public.

Programming for Friday the 31st

The day on Friday the 31st will begin at 7 p.m. with a workshop by professors Luciana Rios and Alejandro Ledesma.

For the peña itself, the participating musicians will be: Los Del Litoral, Amigos del bar, and Hermanas Vince. Dance will also be present with the presence of the groups Tekoayhu, Quimera and Grito Sagrado.

The organization also anticipates the availability of an open microphone for emerging artists that will be enabled without prior registration. In addition, a Collaborative Billboard space will be created for people linked to the activity who need and wish to advertise their self-managed event.

The La Vieja Usina cultural center is located at Gregoria Matorras de San Martín 861. The entrance is open to the community. Tables are not reserved.

Hosts at the beginning of the cycle

The “Los Nonos” Dance School brings together self-managed dance workshops that are presented in various cultural activities. The groups perform at peñas or chapel festivals, primary schools and charity events. They develop activity in various spaces, each workshop has approximately 10 students of various ages (from children starting at six years old, to older people).

The school is run by teachers Luciana Rios and Alejandro Ledesma, who studied at the Acad. of Argentine Folk Dances “El Mojón” of the City of San Benito and at the “Constancio Carminio” School of Music, Dance and Theater as dance technicians (specialty in Argentine Folk Dances).

Photos: Plant in Peña, 2023 edition. SCER Archive.-

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